Utilities: Production

Utilities has two plants on campus that serve all of UC's buildings and six hospitals. The plants burn a variety of fuels to ensure our reliability and cost efectiveness. The plants are connected via underground piping and tunnels and contain the equipment listed below.

Central Utility Plant
With its two Solar Titan combustion turbines, a Dresser-Rand steam turbine, five York chillers, two Trane chillers, two ERI heat recovery steam generators and two Nebraska boilers, the Central Utility Plant is ready to power all of this and more.

East Utility Plant
The East Campus utility plant houses two (2) package boilers, and 15,000 tons of chillers including two (2) gas fired chillers, and a 3,000,000 gallons chilled water storage system.

Service is at the heart of the university's mission - service to students, to faculty and researchers, to the larger community. Part of that service is to provide quality learning, working and living environments. It means that the university must be able to deliver reliable utilities every day, all day. The university seeks to continue its 99.98% energy reliability rating as in the past.

Electric Production


Steam Production

     610,000 pounds-per-hour capacity
     Gas, oil, 

Chilled Water Production

     34,000 capacity
     Natural gas and electric chillers

Thermal Energy Storage

     6.8 million gallons of chilled water