Charters and Rentals

The University of Cincinnati understands that travel is vital to the teaching, research and public service of the university.

The purpose of the Charters and Rentals Program is to provide university-related transportation to faculty, staff and students.

Need to rent a coach, shuttle or school bus for an event?

In order to give you accurate pricing and availability, please complete the Request a Quote form. Quotes are then sent out to local vendors for pricing and availability.

Pricing is based on time and distance. Below are the minimum charges for transportation:

  • 48 passenger school buses starting at $220
  • 20 passenger shuttles starting at $340
  • 30 passenger shuttles starting at $390
  • 56 passenger highway coach starting at $450

Need to rent a car or truck for UC business or event?

Please complete the Transportation Services Rental Form. Must be approved by Department with an Account String included. 

  • All individuals who intend to drive the rental vehicle must be listed on the rental agreement for insurance purposes.
  • All drivers must be 18 or older to operate rentals. For passenger vans and trucks, drivers must be 21 and older.
  • Defensive Driving Course All Under Graduate students must take this course annually to drive.
  • Student groups will need to work with Student Activities and Leadership Development (SALD) at 556-6115 in order to setup rentals. Once, Student Activities and Leadership Development sends an approval. A confirmation for the student group will be sent to the contact SALD.
Rates for Enterprise Vehicles
Daily Rates Weekly Rates Monthly Rates
Compact Daily $37.00 Compact Weekly $187.00 Compact Monthly $748.00
Midsize Daily $39.00 Midsize Weekly $197.00 Midsize Monthly $786.00
Full-size Daily $42.00 Full-size Weekly $212.00 Full-size Monthly $847.00
Premium Daily $93.00 Premium Weekly $463.00 Premium Monthly $1,852.00
Minivan Daily $73.00 Minivan Weekly $363.00 Minivan Monthly $1,451.00
Small SUV Daily $70.00 Small SUV Weekly $349.00 Small SUV Monthly $1,396.00
Medium SUV Daily $70.00 Medium SUV Weekly $349.00 Medium SUV Monthly $1,396.00
Large SUV Daily $96.00 Large SUV Weekly $479.00 Large SUV Monthly $1,918.00
12 Passenger Van Daily $139.00 12 Passenger Van Weekly $694.00 12 Passenger Van Monthly $2,774.00
15 Passenger Van Daily $161.00 15 Passenger Van Weekly $803.00 15 Passenger Van Monthly $3,214.00
Rates for Enterprise Trucks
Daily Rates Weekly Rates Monthly Rates
10' Cargo Van Daily $80.00 10' Cargo Van Weekly $499.00 10' Cargo Van Monthly $2,032.00
12' Cargo Van Daily $88.00 12' Cargo Van Weekly $474.00 12' Cargo Van Monthly $2,049.00
Pickup Truck Daily $93.00 Pickup Truck Weekly $501.00 Pickup Truck Monthly $2,167.00
Cutaway Truck Daily $91.00 Cutaway Truck Weekly $491.00 Cutaway Truck Monthly $2,119.00
16' Box Truck Daily $99.00 16' Box Truck Weekly $528.00 16' Box Truck Monthly $2,283.00
24' Stake Bed Truck Daily $120.00 24' Stake Bed Truck Weekly $636.00 24' Stake Bed Truck Monthly $2,749.00
24' Box Truck Daily $109.00 24' Box Truck Weekly $582.00 24' Box Truck Monthly $2,517.00
26' Box Truck Daily $109.00 26' Box Truck Weekly $582.00 26' Box Truck Monthly $2,517.00

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​* Pricing is subject to change annually.

Pick-up Information

Enterprise Rent a Car

2530 Reading Road Cincinnati, OH 45206

(513) 751-0200

Pick up time is between 8am–5:30pm Monday – Friday or Saturday 9am–2pm

​​​​​​​***For After-Hour Returns, please park rentals at the UC North lot near 2320 Victory Parkway Cincinnati, Ohio 45206. There will be a drop-box for rental keys located on the Right-hand side of the parking lot close to the North Lot sign.

Early Start Fee is only available at local branches. Vehicles must picked up day prior to Rental between 2:30pm–5:30pm Monday through Friday or 9am–2pm on Saturday. Vehicles must be parked until day of travel. In addition, there will be a $25 fee for one-day early start & $35 for two-day early start.

Enterprise Truck

1229 Budd Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45203

(513) 381-3080

Pick up time is between 7am–5pm Monday – Friday or Saturday 9am–12pm