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headshot of Karl Scheer

Karl Scheer | Chief Investment Officer

headshot of Sam Ekis

Sam Ekis | Investment Director

headshot of Doreen Clark

Doreen Clark | Investment Program Director

headshot of Matthew Menkhaus

Matthew Menkhaus | Investment Analyst

headshot of Sam Ekis

Jeff Moeller | Investment Operations & Compliance Specialist


250 University Hall
51 Goodman Drive
Cincinnati, OH  45221

There is a parking garage shared with the Graduate Hotel beneath the building.
Be careful to use the University Hall elevators (NOT those which lead to the hotel.)



  • If you are an investment manager or placement agent seeking to do business with the UC Investment Office, please send an introductory email with overview materials to

  • If you are a current UC student with interest in the investment internship program, please send your resume with a brief introductory email to

  • If you are seeking public records related to the investment program, please follow the submission instructions available on the  Office of General Counsel's webpage.