Waste Management

Waste Disposal


Any potentially contaminated sharps; human and animal blood samples, blood products, other body fluids, tissues, and organs are all considered biological and infectious materials.  These materials should be isolated from the general wastes and discarded directly into labeled containers which identify them as such.

Please see Advisory 10.1 - Legislation Regarding Infectious Waste Management for more information.


Waste chemicals which have the properties of toxicity, flammability, reactivity or corrosivity are considered hazardous wastes.  These chemicals must be isolated from solid (normal trash) waste and properly containerized and labeled for disposition.

Please see Advisory 7.3 - Management of Chemical Wastes for more information.

Departments or employees who generate chemical or infectious waste can contact Environmental Health & Safety for disposal information.

Waste Disposal Charges

Infectious Waste Disposal Charges

The current charge is $1.18/lb (as of 10/01/2022).  The weight of the red barrel will not be included in the charge. All containers will be weighed when they are picked up.

Chemical Waste Disposal Funding

Waste Pickup Requests

Information about completing pickup request forms online:

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