Our Mission

The mission of Environmental Health & Safety is to:

  • Promote a cultural environment of shared responsibility within the University community that will effectively identify hazards and manage the risk of injury and disease.
  • Guide the University in adherence to the regulatory requirements of an environmentally and occupationally safe facility.

University Rule 3361:  10-45-01 establishes the policy on Safety and Environmental Health at the University of Cincinnati.  It states that each member of the University has a responsibility to adhere to practices which meet or exceed the regulatory requirements of an environmentally safe facility.

In addition to these individual responsibilities, the University has an institutional responsibility to ensure a safe environment for its faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

UC Health and specifically the personnel of Environmental Health & Safety, have the responsibility and commensurate authority to manage this institutional responsibility for the University.

Environmental Health & Safety personnel shall provide consultative advice on the best available methods and practices that affect safety and health in the workplace; including, but not limited to:  review of plans for construction and renovation of buildings, audits of existing buildings, review of laboratory practices, and enforcement of fire codes.

Should Environmental Health & Safety personnel encounter instances where there exists clear danger to persons or property, they shall take the necessary actions to mitigate the danger, up to and including the cessation of the activity.


Laboratory Safety with an Attitude, from former EH&S Director Barbara F. Keyes