Term Contract Listing

This table provides contacts for various commodities or services the university purchases under specific term contracts.
Term Contract Number Commodity or Service Responsible Buyer
401 Medical Supplies - Athletic Department Cheryl Smith
402 Blood Bank Reagents Sam Patton
404 Animal Serum (for Laboratory Animal Medicine Rodents) Sam Patton
411 Preventative and Emergency Equipment Maintenance - LAM Peggy Chukwudolue
415 Blood Bags Cheryl Smith
416 Typing Tray B Cell and T Cell Cheryl Smith
417 Refrigerator and Freezer Service for Hoxworth Blood Center Mike Myres
419 Animal Feed & Bedding Peggy Chukwudolue
424 Laboratory Supplies and Chemicals Mike Myres
426 TerumoBCT Proprietary Products Peggy Chukwudolue
445 Sanitation Program for Lab Animal Medicine Services Mike Myres
499 Blood Donor Testing, Hoxworth Sam Patton
502 Bookbinding, Library Periodicals and Related Materials Sam Patton
505 Apple Products Sam Patton
508 CDW Goods and Services Sam Patton
509 Amazon Products Sam Patton
515 Parking Garage Spitter Tickets and Value Cards Sam Patton
520 Printing, Diplomas, Certificates, and Accessories Sam Patton
525 Paper, Fine, Duplicating, Print Sam Patton
529 Motorola Equipment Sam Patton
535 Forms and Envelopes, Central Stores Sam Patton
538 Printing, Outsourcing Jobs Coordinated by Printing Services Sam Patton
550 Printing, Xerographic, & Mgmnt. Services of Plans and Specs Sam Patton
560 Printing, Business Cards, Coordinated by Printing Services Sam Patton
568 Printing, Tickets, Passes, and Stickers, Athletics Sam Patton
590 IT Hardware Standardization Sam Patton
594 Software and Hardware Development Services Sam Patton
597 AI Machine Learning Sam Patton
603 Advertising, Cincinnati Enquirer Proprietary Peggy Chukwudolue
605 Advertising KGL DBA Sesh Communications Proprietary Peggy Chukwudolue
611 University of Cincinnati Pouring Rights Peggy Chukwudolue
618 Debit Card Payment Program Peggy Chukwudolue
619 E-Gift Card/Digital Rewards Portal Peggy Chukwudolue
626 Water, Bottled, Filtration Systems and Dispensers Peggy Chukwudolue
633 Dry Ice Cheryl Smith
635 Laundry Service and Lab Coat Rental Program Peggy Chukwudolue
646 UC Dormitories  Janitorial Service & Disassembly of Bunk Beds Peggy Chukwudolue
648 Snacks, UC Athletics Peggy Chukwudolue
652 Janitorial Services & Vehicle Cleaning, Hoxworth Blood Centr Peggy Chukwudolue
653 Food, Hoxworth Blood Center Peggy Chukwudolue
660 Janitorial Supplies and Equipment Peggy Chukwudolue
667 UCBA Janitorial Service Peggy Chukwudolue
673 Promotional Products Peggy Chukwudolue
675 UC Employee Service Recognition Program Peggy Chukwudolue
678 Microfridge/Microwave Replacement Units Peggy Chukwudolue
700 Dust Mops, Rentals: Treated & Non-Treated Peggy Chukwudolue
705 Uniforms, Purchase  FM Peggy Chukwudolue
707 Uniforms, Police Peggy Chukwudolue
708 UC Athletics Under Armour Embellishments Peggy Chukwudolue
710 CCTV Alarm System Mike Myres
713 Uniform and Cleanroom Garments  Rental Program Peggy Chukwudolue
716 Air Charter for Men's and Women's Basketball Peggy Chukwudolue
717 Air Charter for UC Football Peggy Chukwudolue
718 Travel Management Services Peggy Chukwudolue
720 Food Service  Management Peggy Chukwudolue
729 Catering Services, Pizza Peggy Chukwudolue
731 Vending Machine Service Peggy Chukwudolue
747 Catering Services - External Peggy Chukwudolue
754 Food, Arlitt Kitchen Peggy Chukwudolue
757 Interior Plant Maintenance Peggy Chukwudolue
758 Shuttle Bus Service Peggy Chukwudolue
759 Tires Peggy Chukwudolue
761 Automotive, Body Repairs Peggy Chukwudolue
762 UC Vehicle Repairs Peggy Chukwudolue
763 Vehicle Rental - Greater Cincinnati Area Peggy Chukwudolue
764 Automotive Supplies, Parts & Service Peggy Chukwudolue
765 Poilice Vehicle Equipment Supplies & Installation Peggy Chukwudolue
766 Petroleum Products Peggy Chukwudolue
767 Bus Transportation For Athletics Peggy Chukwudolue
778 Hoxworth Blood Transportation Service Peggy Chukwudolue
795 Digital Marketing Peggy Chukwudolue
796 UC Marketing Program Peggy Chukwudolue
798 Clermont College ETS/UB Bus Transportation Peggy Chukwudolue
801 Accounting Services - Student Loan Mike Myres
803 Consuuer Banking Services Mike Myres
805 Underwriting Services Mike Myres
809 Access Control Mike Myres
812 Consulting Services and Testing for Utility Operations Mike Myres
813 Venture Lab Engineering Services Mike Myers
815 Asbestos and Led Abatement, Full Service Mike Myres
816 Maintenance/Service for York Machines Mike Myres
818 Bag Checking Services Mike Myres
820 Asbestos Abatement (Hazardous) Consulting Mike Myres
821 General Construction Repairs & Remodeling Services Mike Myres
823 Waste Removal Services Mike Myres
825 Generator Preventative Maintenance and Service Mike Myres
829 Electrical Repairs & Remodeling Services Mike Myres
830 Electrical Supplies Mike Myres
831 UC Surplus Recycling Mgmt Mike Myres
832 Waste Removal Services, Biological Mike Myres
833 Elevator Maintenance and Repairs Mike Myres
834 Elevator Inspection Fees Mike Myres
835 Waste Removal Services, Chemical Mike Myres
836 Waste Removal Services, Radioactive Mike Myres
837 Environmental Laboratory Sampling/Analysis Mike Myres
838 Comprehensive Environmental Consultant Services Mike Myres
840 Emergency Clean-up and Restoration Service Mike Myres
841 Exterminating Services Mike Myres
844 Fire Protection Repairs & Remodeling Service Mike Myres
845 Fire Extinguisher Service and Purchase Mike Myres
847 HVAC Supplies Mike Myres
849 HVAC Repairs & Remodeling Services Mike Myres
854 Student Health Insurance Mike Myres
855 Window Cleaning Mike Myres
859 Lamps and Ballast Combinations Mike Myres
861 Legal Services Mike Myres
862 Recycling and Disposal of Universal Waste Mike Myres
863 Direct Purchase/Private Placement Banking Services Mike Myres
866 Security Guard Services for UC Reading Campus Mike Myres
867 Moving Services, Household/Commercial Mike Myres
869 MRO, Industrial Parts/Supplies Mike Myres
875 Landscaping, Lawn, and Garden Supplies Mike Myres
876 Merchant Card Services Provider Mike Myres
877 Service to High Purity Water Systems Mike Myres
878 Plumbing Repairs and Remodeling Services Mike Myres
880 Plumbing Supplies Mike Myres
883 Electricity Supply Mike Myres
886 Water Quality Management Services Mike Myres
894 Labor, Unskilled, Temporary Cheryl Smith
895 Salt Products Mike Myres
897 Corporate Trust Mike Myres
899 Purchasing Card Services Mike Myres
902 Bookstore Lease  Services Sam Patton
904 Audiovisual Equipment and Services Sam Patton
906 Consulting: Human Resources Cheryl Smith
909 Copier Rentals Sam Patton
911 Consulting: Construction Auditing Cheryl Smith
912 Consultant Real Estate Cheryl Smith
913 Office Supplies Sam Patton
945 Carpet and Resilient Sheet Flooring Mike Myres
946 Branding Services Peggy Chukwudolue
947 Temporary Payroll Service Cheryl Smith
948 Background Checks Cheryl Smith
950 Furniture Rental Cheryl Smith
951 Cable Services Sam Patton
953 Gases:  Industrial Mixture Liquid Cheryl Smith
958 Telephone Equipment, Data Communications & Accessories Sam Patton
963 Printing and Distributing: The News Record Cheryl Smith
970 Long Distance and Communications Services Cheryl Smith
972 Temporary Labor for Telecommuniations Cable & Equipment Sam Patton
982 Temporary: Office Help Cheryl Smith