Best Practice Guide

Getting Started in Concur

  • Attend training classes and review Travel site resources
    • Training classes are offered by the Staff Success Center to take you through multiple processes and are highly recommended for all users. As you move through Concur, many resources are available on the Travel Resources site to take you step-by-step through travel requests, booking travel, and submitting your expense reports, in addition to troubleshooting common issues.
  • Complete your profile
    • Completing your profile will verify your travel credentials and store your information to make bookings smoother. Enter your contact details, emergency contact info, travel preferences, frequent-traveler programs, TSA PreCheck, passport details, etc., as desired. 
  • Verify your email address
    • To help populate your receipts in your Concur profile and ensure you receive notifications, you need to verify your email address. In the Personal Information section of your Profile, simply click Verify next to your email address(es), and react to the verification email sent to you.
    • Once this is complete, you can forward your receipts to from your verified email address. The receipts will automatically attach to your profile and be ready for attachment to expense transactions.​​​​​​​
  • Set up Concur Mobile
    • Concur's mobile app is a great tool to make travel reimbursements easy. For download and log-in instructions, go to the Concur Mobile Registration section of your Profile Settings.
    • As you travel, you can use the app to take pictures of receipts instead of emailing them to the system, and they will be ready for attachment to expense transactions.

Regular Actions and Housekeeping

  • Book travel via Concur (strongly recommended)
    • UC strongly recommends booking your travel through Concur. Doing so will allow your itineraries to automatically populate in your trip library and in your expense reports, reducing the details you have to add manually to your expense reports. You also have 24x7 support from AAA Corporate Travel Services and access to all university-preferred vendors and corporate discounts.
  • Submit and obtain approval on a travel request
    • Regardless of whether you book your travel in Concur or not, all travelers are required to have an approved travel request for each trip (involving at least one overnight component) before any bookings are made.
      • Travel requests are not necessary for non-travel expenses nor for day-trips and should not be submitted.
  • Upload receipts to your Available Receipts
    • While traveling, take pictures of your receipts with the Concur mobile app, upload pictures of your receipts to the app from your phone, or send receipts via email to They will be ready for you after your trip so you can jump right into your expense report for reimbursement.
  • Check P-Card transactions as they post
    • You will receive a weekly email summarizing new P-Card transactions imported to Concur under your Available Expenses. Keep on top of moving them into an expense report (travel or non-travel), entering their details, and adding receipts as needed. After each trip (for travel expenses) or at the end of each month (for non-travel expenses), submit your report.
  • Regularly submit your expenses (both out-of-pocket and P-Card)
    • Submit one Non-Travel expense report each month. Throughout the month, expenses can be added and information edited, until you submit the expense report.
    • Submit one travel expense report (Domestic/International) after each trip, when possible. You may submit one expense report before the trip takes place, if you had to pay upfront for a booking(s).
      • For travel expenses involving mileage, non-overnight, or local and parking only transactions, you may create one expense report for all such trips made during a designated time (e.g., one month of day-travel between campuses for training purposes) instead of after each trip.