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Recycling @ UC

Beginning fall term 2010, the University of Cincinnati rolled out a new commingle recycling program, known as All Recycling, and placed All Recycling containers in its General Funded buildings on the Uptown, Academic Health Center, UC Reading, and UC Victory Parkway campuses, and the Recreation Center, Tangeman University Center and all Residence Halls.  The All Recycling containers located throughout campus carry the following labels to identify their purpose.

This is a picture of the label placed on All Recycling containers.

This expansion of campus recycling efforts provides a greater opportunity for students, staff and visitors to participate in recycling a broader range of materials.  The All Recycling containers carry the following information to identify acceptable materials for recycling:

This image lists items that are acceptable for recycling collection.

What should you do if an All Recycling container requires attention?

Facilities Management staff is responsible for placing, emptying and maintaining the All Recycling containers in the public areas of campus.  Please contact our Customer Service Department at 558-2500 to report that an All Recycling container requires attention.


If you spot an All Recycling container that needs to be emptied, please report it to FM at 558-2500.

  • Facilities Management staff will place, empty and maintain the All Recycling containers on campus. 
  • Desk-side recycling will continue on a voluntary basis, with the desk occupant continuing to be responsible for emptying his/her desk-side recycling bin into one of the conveniently located All Recycling containers.