Bearcats Football Parking

 Gameday Parking

Gameday parking starts six hours before game time, and expires at 3 a.m.

Football gameday parking by date, opponent, game time and time parking begins
Dates Opponent Game Time Parking Starts
Saturday, Sept. 4 Miami 3:30 p.m. 9:30 a.m.
Saturday, Sept. 11 Murray State 3:30 p.m. 9:30 a.m.
Friday, Oct. 8 Temple 7 p.m. 1 p.m.
Saturday, Oct. 16 UCF TBD TBD
Saturday, Nov. 6 Tulsa (homecoming) TBD TBD
Saturday, Nov. 20 SMU TBD TBD

Gameday Parking on Campus

Gameday Parking impacts all uptown campus parking facilities. Please see the table below for information. While we try to guarantee parking for permit holders in their assigned facility, it is possible they may be directed to another facility on Gameday.

Football gameday parking by garage, availability of pre-paid option and price, cash option and price, and whether season parking pass is avialable.
Facility Pre-paid Gameday Cash Season Pass/ Event Ops
Woodside $20 N/A N/A
Stratford Heights $15 N/A N/A
Eden $15 $20 Yes
Corry N/A N/A Yes
Calhoun N/A N/A Yes
Varsity Village N/A N/A Yes
University Avenue N/A N/A Yes
Campus Green N/A N/A Yes

ADA Parking

A portion of pre-sale parking in Woodside Garage will be reserved for ADA parking sales.  For access to ADA parking, a state-issued handicap placard, or license plate will be required on gameday with that parking pass.  Anyone showing an ADA pass, without a proper placard or license plate, will not be permitted to park in Woodside Garage, and the pass will not be refunded or honored in another campus facility. 

Golf cart shuttles will run from outside the parking garage to the Nippert Stadium entry gate.

Pre-Purchase Parking

Parking Services has partnered with Bearcat Athletics to offer pre-purchased parking through the Bearcat Ticket Office. Visit the Bearcat Ticket site for more information. Your digital parking pass will be scanned on entry to the assigned parking facility.

For questions, please contact UC Athletics:

1-877-CATS-TIX (228-7849) - or - 513-556-CATS (2287)

Gameday Cash

Eden Garage is the designated Game Day Cash facility. Shuttle stops will be located at the front and rear of the garage. Shuttles will drop off at the Intersection of West Daniels and Champions Way.   Shuttles will start six (6) hours prior to game time and run through one hour post-game time.

Season Pass Parking

Season Pass parking is available to season ticket holders only. Contact the Bearcat Ticket Office for more information.

Gameday Parking Tips

  1. Come Early! Arrive to campus early to get the best spots in the parking facilities, and to avoid the heaviest traffic periods. Enjoy the Grid or the surrounding Clifton area!
  2. Know what you can and can’t take in the stadium. You don’t want to trek back to your car, and miss out on a moment of our Bearcats on the field!
  3. Head in parking is required. Backing into parking spaces slows down traffic being able to enter the facilities. Everyone wants to get in and enjoy their Gameday experience!
  4. Non-traditional tailgating can occur in the parking facilities. What does that mean?
    1. You can enjoy a beverage or snack by your vehicle but please stay out of the drive lane.
    2. You cannot take up multiple parking spaces. If there is a non-ADA hashed out area near your car, you can use it.
    3. Grills are not permitted. If you want to grill out, contact the Bearcat Ticket Office about official tailgating opportunities.
    4. Please be courteous and represent your Bearcat nation with pride. Pick up your trash and place in the trash cans located throughout the facility. Restrooms are located in multiple campus facilities and on the Grid. Be aware of and respectful of the people around you.

Ingress and Egress on Gameday

Please be aware of the following traffic changes before and after the game to help with traffic flow.

Before the Game

  • Corry Blvd.:  One (1) hour before game time, Corry Blvd. will be one-way from Jefferson Avenue to Dennis Street. Corry Pass holders should get in the left lane. Calhoun, CCM and Varsity Village permit holders will want to stay to the right.
  • Campus Green Garage:  Two (2) hours before game time, pass holders will be directed into parking spaces. Come early, and you can have your choice of where to park!
  • Stratford Heights Garage:  All traffic will enter the facility from Stratford Avenue. The Clifton Avenue entry/exit will be closed.  Parkers will be directed into parking spaces.
    • Coming from I-71/Calhoun St.
      • Turn Right on Clifton Ave.
      • Turn Left on Straight St.
      • Turn Right on Stratford Ave.
    • Coming from I-75/MLK Dr. or I-71/MLK Dr.
      • Turn South on Clifton Ave. (Right from I-75/MLK Dr., Left from I-71/MLK Dr.)
      • Turn Right on Probasco St.
      • Turn Left on Stratford Avenue

After the Game

  • Woodside Garage:  Starting at the beginning of the game's 4th quarter, all traffic exiting Woodside Garage will be forced to turn left westbound on MLK Drive.
  • Campus Green Garage:  Exits to Campus Green and Woodside Drive will be utilized. Traffic will be directed to one or the other to keep vehicles moving. Both exits will allow traffic to travel eastbound/westbound on MLK Drive.
  • CCM Garage:  All traffic will exit onto Backstage Dr. which will take you to Calhoun St.
  • Corry Garage:  keep what is there but add at the end:  The exit to Corry Blvd will be one-way to Jefferson Ave.

Prepaid Event Parking

Please visit the new UC Athletics' pre-purchase parking web page for your gameday parking access. 

For questions, please contact UC Athletics:

1-877-CATS-TIX (228-7849) - or - 513-556-CATS (2287)