Important COVID-19 Updates

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General Guidelines

  • Everyone must wear an approved cloth face cover when they are in either campus plant. This applies to UC and non UC personnel, including contractor personnel.
  • It is recommended that everyone also wear a face cover anytime they go out in public, period.
  • Continue to maintain social distance whenever possible, keeping approximately six (6) feet between yourself and others. The cloth face cover is not a substitute for social distancing.
  • Control Room Operators have been “separated” from one room.  We have provide “auxiliary control rooms” for use during this period.
  • All meetings have been made virtual
  • We continue to take the temperature of anyone entering our plant facilities.  Measured temperatures must be below 100 degrees F.  Temperatures must be checked every twelve hours where applicable.
  • Utility Plant doors remain locked at all times.  Entry is with permission only.
  • All non-essential visitors have been eliminated.
  • All non-critical to operations work has been put on hold until further notice.
  • Operator twelve hour shifts, seven on/seven off continue to minimize exposures.
  • Control rooms are cleaned/sanitized in between shifts.
  • All visitors must sign a document stating that they have not:
  • Had symptoms of COVID for 14 days
  • Have not knowingly been exposed to someone with COVID in last 14 days
  • Have not traveled to a “hot spot” in the last 14 days.
  • Employees who are “sick” have been asked to not come in to work.
  • Staff personnel are encouraged to work from home when possible.
  • Insured employees take breaks and lunch maintaining social distance (six feet)