Akwaaba 2016 Stroll Off

Akwaaba (Black Student Welcome)

Every year the African American Cultural & Resource Center welcomes new incoming African American students to the university. This program is designed to be informative and serve as an introduction to campus services and student organizations in an effort to keep students connected throughout the school year.


Fall Semester AACRC Choir Concert

This concert, called the "Njozi," is the first concert of the year featuring gospel music ranging from traditional to contemporary music. Njozi is Swahili for "vision."


Tribute to Martin Luther King

During second semester, the life and accomplishments of a great civil rights leader are celebrated through a tribute program. The MLK Tribute highlights the contributions Martin Luther King, Jr., made to change the course of history for African Americans. This program is designed to be creative, informative and inspiring for students and the community.


Kuamka 2017 Candidates


"Kuamka" — the Swahili word for the phrase "in the beginning" — is a week-long celebration which includes the Rites of Passage ceremony for Transitions students, the coronation of Mr. and Miss Kuamka and the recognition of students who have excelled academically or Kujifunza.



Kujifunza is an Afrocentric ceremony that recognizes African American students and their academic achievement for fall semester. The ceremony occurs during Ushindi. It is designed to encourage students to obtain the highest levels of academic success.


Akwaaba 2016

Winter Semester AACRC Choir Concert

This AACRC choir concert features popular R&B music, spirituals and other forms of inspirationally diverse music.


Ushindi Weekend

"Ushindi," which is Swahili for "victory," takes place towards the end of academic school year. Ushindi celebrates the achievements of the students from the Transitions program, the AACRC Choir and also recognizes other students who have demonstrated leadership on and off campus.



Tyehimba is an Afrocentric graduation celebration designed for graduates of the University of Cincinnati to acknowledge their achievements. This cultural celebration is an expression of thanks to family, friends and to the community for their assistance with helping the student matriculate through the University of Cincinnati. The word "Tyehimba" means "we stand as a nation."