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Academic Writing Center

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Located on the fourth floor of Langsam Library in room 401N, the Academic Writing Center provides UC students with free writing assistance. If you would like a trained writing tutor to help you get started on your writing assignment or review your writing, make an appointment or stop in during our drop-in hours.

Schedule an Appointment

The best way to meet with a tutor is to schedule an appointment. Doing so secures your time with a specific tutor of your choosing. Please schedule an appointment on our website or by phone at (513)556-3912.

Download the instructions for scheduling and managing your appointments in TutorTrac and activating text alerts.

AWC Online Tutoring

The Academic Writing Center offers online writing assistance to all UC students. Email us drafts of your assignments at with "AWC Online Tutoring" in the subject line. Within 24-48 hours (though longer on the weekends), one of our tutors will read through draft, provide helpful feedback, and send it back to you.

Three additional things to keep in mind for AWC Online Tutoring:

1. Due to staffing limitations, we cannot look at drafts longer than six double-spaced pages. If you really need a longer paper examined through AWC Online Tutoring, send the first six pages, wait for a response, send the next six pages, and repeat the process as needed.

2. AWC Online Tutoring is not an editing service. Our tutors are trained to focus on larger, structural issues in the paper and will not dedicate much time on grammar/sentence structure issues.

3. When emailing your draft, in the body of the email, providing your tutor with guidance as to what issues you want analyzed would be helpful. Also, attaching the assignment sheet for the paper is beneficial to the online tutoring process.

Direct any questions or concerns regarding AWC Online Tutoring to Dr. Joseph Cunningham at or call him at 513-556-2866.  

Summer Hours of Operation:

Monday - Thursday
11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday