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Budget Management encompasses the functions of Budget Planning, Budget Services and Position Management to provide guidance and assistance to the university community as it relates to effective and efficient use of the financial resources of the institution.

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Budget Planning

The Budget Planning area is responsible for the annual development of the University Current Fund Budget Plan, maintaining the university budget planning documents, monitoring funds relative to the cash policy, reviewing general funds revenue-generating programs and their distribution of budget.  Additionally, the Budget Planning area works closely with the Ohio Board of Regents with regard to the following:

  • Analysis of the State Share of Instruction;
  • Monthly distribution of the state subsidies;
  • Reporting to the Ohio Board of Regents (i.e. fee schedules, budget, etc.).

Budgetary Services

The primary function of the Budgetary Services area is to process budget entries for all current fund types, excluding grant and plant funds.  The A123 Recommendation for Administrative Action is maintained and processed by this area, in conjunction with Financial Services.  Additional functions administered by this area include:

  • Maintaining the balance of the Uptown campus general fund;
  • Quarterly forecasting of the Uptown campus general fund;
  • Quarterly budget-to-actual reporting for all current funds, excluding plant funds;
  • Monthly distribution of general funds benefits budgets;
  • Annual distribution of all general funds salary inflation;
  • Administering the annual current funds budget formulation process across the university, excluding grant and plant funds;
  • Assisting the Budget Planning area with the compilation of the annual University Current Fund Budget Plan.

Position Management

The primary function of the Position Management area is to create and maintain all positions, ensuring the integrity of the data.  As well, Position Budget Control is responsible for the creation of salary and benefit commitments for all funds.  Within this process. Position Management ensures sufficient salary budget to cover all positions.


Kelly Beck

Kelly Beck
Director, Business Affairs
Budget Management


Neal Stark
Director, Business Affairs
Budget Management


Ron Thomas
Sr. Financial Analyst
Budgetary Services / Position Management