UC Sustainability

UC Sustainability


Green Purchasing

UC gives preference to environmentally friendly products whose quality, function, and cost are equal or superior to more traditional products.

UC construction standards require sustainable products to be used in our buildings.

About 3% of the paper purchased is at least 30% recycled and the other 97% is Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified. –  http://www.sfiprogram.org/

Asset Management & Surplus Equipment

The Office of Asset Management serves the university community in all matters relating to asset management - including managing the university's asset inventory (fixed and moveable, capital and non-capital assets), surplus equipment, and central storage. This office develops and implements asset management policies and procedures for the university community. These policies ensure that assets are not wasted or disposed of inproperly.  This includes environmentally responsible disposal of electronic waste via certified e-waste recyclers.

The Surplus Equipment Department has established a standard procedure for proper disposal of assets.  University organizational units are encouraged to reclaim assets from within the university wherever possible.  In addition to offering items to university organizational units at no cost, the Surplus Equipment Department provides outlets for the sale of surplus items to the general public via Sealed Bid Auctions and the Monthly Public Sale.  This department has also recently started holding Non-Profit Donation Events to ensure that whenever possible surplus equipment is reused instead of thrown away.  Visit the Surplus Equipment Department's site for more details.