UC Sustainability

UC Sustainability

Re*Use Market

The Re*Use Market was founded in Spring 2008 by students who saw the need to reduce waste being sent to the landfill which could easily be reused by others in the community. The Re*Use Market continues to grow each year, attracting more donations and more individuals seeking treasures at the free market.

Furniture, household goods, non-perishable food items, electronics, books, clothing, sporting goods, toys, etc. are all accepted. The donations are placed in the Re*Use Market, and anyone from UC or the Greater Cincinnati community can come to take items they would like. At the end of the week, remaining items are given to local charities.

Re*Use Market 2017

April 24 - April 29           noon-5pm daily
Location TBA

How to donate:

1.    Bring items to the Re*Use Market, April 24 - April 29.
2.    Call 513.556.3492 or email green@uc.edu to make an appointment for drop-off or pick-up of large items. 
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