Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation

Parking Information

CRC Parking is available to members in:

  • The University Avenue Lot on Uptown West Campus
  • Lot 13 on Uptown East Campus
  • See maps below

Parking Documents:

Parking Rules & Regulations through Campus Recreation

Display of Hang Tags

  • Hang tags must be placed on the rear view mirror with the facility name facing outward.
  • If the permit does not fit on the rear view mirror, it must be fully displayed on the driver’s side of the dashboard.
  • Any parking tickets received as a result of improperly displayed permits will not be reimbursed.
Mainstreet Snow

Lost Permits

  • Parking permits that are lost will be assessed a $15 replacement fee.

Cancelled Memberships

  • Members who cancel before the parking permit expires are required to return the permit to Campus Recreation.
  • This can be done by taking the permit to a drop box located on the north side of University Avenue Garage, Level 1 (gated entrance), or the west side of Eden Garage (gated entrance).
  • Individuals who do not return the permit will be charged the outstanding balance. If the permit is returned after the balance is charged, a refund will be issued from the day it is returned through the expiration date.

Rules and Regulations

  • Parking is not guaranteed and may be limited on special event days. On these occasions, parking garage attendants will recommend alternate garages for members to park. Member Services suggests that members consider using the convenient UC Shuttle service, which operates between the two campuses.
  • There is a three-hour maximum time limit for parking.
  • Parking purchased through Campus Recreation may be used only while using the Campus Recreation Center or the Fitness Center at CARE/Crawley.
  • Any misuse will result in immediate termination of parking eligibility through Campus Recreation.

Parking Maps

parking map west
parking map east

Parking Rates

A Member's primary affiliation determines their parking privileges




*All Faculty, Staff, & Students must purchase parking through UC Parking Services


Red & Black Annual

(see Red & Black affilates here)

Cincinnati Annual


Supplemental Annual


Short Term & Rental

($60/3-Month or $80/Semester)