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Campus Recreation

Birthday Parties

"The kids had a great time.  The lifeguards were visibly attentive since there were others in the pool besides our group."
"We could not have been more pleased with the promptness, courtesy, assistance and effectiveness of our pre-party emails with Carol. At the event, we were very impressed with how friendly and helpful all of the staff were. Several made a point of coming up to us, introducing themselves, and directing us toward help if needed. The facilities were not only top-notch, but also in excellent condition."
"This was a wonderful experience for our daughter, her friends and our family. I would and have been recommending it to others!"
"The staff was helpful and visible and it was extraordinary that you were able to think of a suitable place for our retreat. We were afraid that we wouldn't be able to find another space after our original space (not in the rec) was booked over!"
"We had a wonderful experience at the climbing wall!! The kids at the birthday party enjoyed themselves immensely, and the staff were excellent. Kristen and Scott were working the event and were patient with the kids and informative with us. Jim also helped us get settled and showed us around. He was helpful and friendly. Thanks so much for an excellent birthday party!! All of the kids are talking about it!"
"Outstanding event from start to finish! More people need to know about this."

The UC Campus Recreation Center offers three areas for your child's party: The Gymnasium, Climbing Wall or Leisure Pool!

All parties include use of the Wet Classroom. The Wet Classroom is just feet away from the leisure pool, making it a perfect place to store bags and towels (perhaps gifts too!). Feel free to bring in a birthday cake and drinks to complete the party.

Prices listed are based on facility rental fees only.  Costs may change if additional staffing is needed for your party.  Staffing needs differ based on the amount of children attending the party and their ages. 

  • Extra staff is brought in with more than 15 people for climbing wall and 15-20 for leisure pool (dependent on children's age)

Rent part of our facility for a party and get vouchers to park in the Campus Green Garage

On the day of your rental we will give all those who parked in the Campus Green Garage a voucher that will reduce the rate to park to just TWO DOLLARS!*

*Parking vouchers will not be accepted in the garage on the day of any home football game,home men's basketball game, or other university events with a parking charge.


Two hour party for $200.00, your choice of area! 

This option allows you to choose between any single area of the facility for two hours or mix them up for one hour in your choice of two areas! 

The Climbing Wall:  This is a great adventure for children 5 and up and adults of all ages. Trained staff members secure each individual in a harness before they attempt to climb the 40’ or 28’ foot wall configurations. Do you have some partygoers a little nervous with heights? No problem, the bouldering wall offers the opportunity to climb laterally as well as vertically in a ten foot high area. Helmets are recommended and available upon request at no extra charge.

Gymnasium:  Includes use of two basketball courts ( one court set up for basketball, one court set up for volleyball,  and corn hole sets in the middle of the courts) and the Wet Classroom. The Campus Recreation Center Gymnasium offers a variety of options for birthday parties. Full court basketball games may be a norm, however the gymnasium is equipped to accommodate cornhole competitions, volleyball games, dodgeball tournaments as well as other ideas you may have!

Leisure Pool:  Our 84 degree leisure pool provides a family friendly environment, the pool's zero depth entry and 3'8" greatest depth are perfect for children (and adults) of all ages to enjoy the water. The leisure pool has a lazy river, basketball net, waterfall, and bubble couch!

*Please remember the Leisure Pool is open to our members at all times during the party. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding with this matter.

Three hour party for $300!

This option allows you to combine two or three areas for a three hour party!  You can spend one hour in all three areas or choose your time frame for your two favorites! 

All of our parties come with use of the Wet Classroom for 30 minutes before your scheduled time, so you can get set up and 30 minutes after, so you can eat and open presents!

How to Schedule a Party
1. Choose what kind of party you would like to have (swim, climb, gym or any combination of the three).
2. Choose a day and time you would like to have the party.
3. Call the coordinator of aquatics, Autumn Cleverley at 513-556-0382 or email Autumn Cleverley to set up your party.
4. Relax and get ready for the birthday boy or girl and all partygoers to have a terrific experience at the CRC!

* All parties must return a signed confirmation form to complete their booking

Leisure Pool Party Rules and Regulations
1. Children five years of age and younger must be accompanied in the water by an adult (and the adult must actively participate in activities with the child). Lifeguards will remind adults of this policy if needed and may require an adult to be in the water with older children who are deemed weak swimmers.
2. One adult may be responsible for no more than three children five years of age and younger.
3. Children using arm floats, inflatable rings or toys, or lifejackets must be no more than an arms length from an adult in the water at all times.

Climbing Wall/Gymnasium Party Rules and Regulations
1. One adult may be responsible for no more than five children five years of age and younger.
2. All participants must wear non-marking shoes (gym shoes).

Wet Classroom Party Rules and Regulations
1. Parties may bring food and drinks; however everything must stay in the Wet Classroom.

  • Parties with 25 or fewer children may bring food and drinks.  Parties with 26 children or more are required to use Classic Fare Catering for their food and beverage needs. The Classic Fare Catering information can be found on their website: Click here

2. Parties are responsible for cleaning up after themselves when finished.

3. Balloons are not permitted in the facility.



Already booked your party? Click here for the essential information and documents.

*Parking vouchers will not be accepted in the garage on the day of any home football game or home men's basketball game.