Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation
Turn over a new leaf
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Turn over a new leaf

The Campus Recreation Team Building program is offered in a two-hour time frame and can be combined with other activities including meeting space, open recreation or climbing. The team building program focuses on bringing members of your team closer through various exercises using both the body and mind. The program is open to any group inside or outside the University of Cincinnati community.

Team Building Specialists will focus on communciation and unity throughout the program. The various activities include:

  1. Get Ready – a series of ice-breakers that will get your mind and body ready to excel!

  2. Trust Me – for a team to be successful in any field, an element of trust must be involved. These activities focus heavily on communication and help teammates feel more comfortable working together.

  3. That’s Impossible! – It’s not impossible, it may just be a little more difficult to achieve. These activities give team members an opportunity to think outside-the-box to achieve their goals.
Team Building Pricing 00-30 participants 31-50 participants
2 hour program $190.00 $250.00
2 hour program + one hour climbing $250.00 $310.00
2 hour program + meeting space* for up to 4 hours $325.00 $385.00
hour program + 2 hour climbing + meeting space* for up to 4 hours $450.00 $510.00

*Meeting Space includes the use of tables, chairs, tablecloths, projector, and computer.

*For groups larger than 50, please contact us for pricing.

Prices are subject to change.

To arrange a team building program or for questions, contact:  Jayme Johnson, 513-556-5727

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