Welcome to the Children's Cognitive Research lab.

We are part of the Center for Cognition, Action & Perception (CAP) and directed by Dr. Heidi Kloos, associate professor in psychology at the University of Cincinnati.

Our research team studies the basics of knowledge development in children's STEM learning, using the lense of systems approaches and network theory.

Our research questions:

  • What is the role of self-guided practice in children's math learning? 
  • What is the relation between motor learning and learning about science?

Our collaborators:


We study children's thinking by looking at children’s problem solving and reasoning skills. Findings from these studies help early childhood researchers at the University of Cincinnati make positive contributions to the fields of education, child development, and psychology. UC professors and students in psychology present their findings at national conferences and submit research papers to various journals for publication. Findings also help design displays for the local Children’s Museum to encourage early science learning.

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