Mini Medical College


Mini Med

Our four-evening Mini Medical College has been designed to be entertaining, educational, and enlightening. The only pre-requisites we have ever had have been a sense of curiosity, an interest in how the human body works and a few free evenings. No medical or scientific background needed - just an inquiring mind!

Distinguished faculty from the College of Medicine shared their time and expertise so that people in the Cincinnati area might keep up-to-date with new trends in modern medicine and disease prevention and how they affect their personal health.

Students and lifelong learners of all ages have always been welcome. Each evening offered the opportunity to hear from 2 different faculty members from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. This meannt 8 different topics were covered during each Mini Medical College experience.

Sponsored by the UC College of Medicine in partnership with Communiversity, a program within UC Continuing Education.


► We have offered Mini Medical College every autumn from the years 2000 - 2014. Our most recent program was in October 2014 - see here for topics and presenters.

► See listing of "Previous Programs" to the left if interested in past Topics & Presenters.

► The Mini Medical College is held at the UC College of Medicine, East Campus