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Administrative Review Committee

  • A student is referred to the Administrative Review Committee if:
    • The student disputes responsibility and/or sanctions assessed at the procedural review hearing; or
    • The student fails to appear for two scheduled procedural reviews
  • The student will be notified of the date, time, and location of the hearing via email.
  • An ARC hearing consists of:
    • Hearing Administrator (only votes in a tie)
    • Two faculty/staff
    • Four undergraduate or two graduate students
  • The Hearing Administrator will send a hearing recommendation to the AVP for Student Life/Dean of Students and the student
  • The AVP for Student Life/Dean of Students may concur, modify, or remand the recommendation and notify the Director of University of Judicial Affairs.
  • The student has 10 days to appeal the recommendation.

For more information on the Administrative Review Committee, click here and see section (4)(b).

Administrative Review Committee Members

Hearing Administrators:

Daniel Cummins Asst. Dean of Students/Director
Nicolette Fernandez Asst. Director, Program Director


University College Faculty/Staff Members:

Christopher Allen Financial Aid
Susan Bourke CECH
Erica Forrest Wellness Center
Arnett Glassco Engineering
Carol Tonge Mack Arts & Sciences
Kenneth Simonson Engineering
Chris Stone Athletics
Brandy Turnbow Women's Center
Cassaundra Thorpe Athletics
Samantha Foltz
Academic Advising
Brice Mickey
Jeffrey Logsdon
Club Sports
Mark Bowers Engineering


Student Members:

Maya Jones
Arie Meyer
David Schmutte
Eric Dornoff
Frederick Hjortsberg
Naomi Hone
Garrett Williams Jared Jasany
Joseph Dimauro
Ashley Kemp Andrew Dowers Kevin Rudemiller
Kelsey Randolph
Joe Murray
Mitch Lawson
Chris Cole
Jamila Jones
Courtney Bills 
Juliann Leny Eric Yanes Paul Nguyen
Marurissa Mathieu Robert Wilfong Liza Lyman
Christal Hamons Nicole Nuss  


Graduate Student Members:

Daniel Traicoff
Siddharth Sridhar Santanu Baruah
Mike Czarnecki