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Semester Conversion Advisor and Approver FAQ

What's an IAP?

  • IAP stands for Individual Advising Plan.  It is comprised of four parts: 1) output from a degree audit for a student's program produced by the DARSweb web application 2) advisor notes 3) an IAP Projected Degree Completion Term, and 4) student and advisor approvals.  Detailed documentation can be found in the advisor resources sharepoint linked below.

What does the IAP form look like?

  • The IAP process will be accomplished online electronically.  The forms used are delivered via a web browser.  Approvals are handled using the Central Login Service password and verified with faculty/staff (UCmail) and Student (UConnect) email.
  • Because most of the content of the IAP is output from the degree audit produced by DARSweb, most of the IAP (a student's degree requirements, classes, grades) will appear very much like a degree audit.

What is the role of the IAP Advisor?

  • An IAP advisor is assigned to each student by the degree-granting college to create, advise, and approve the IAP for a student's program.

What is the role of the IAP Approver?

  • An IAP approver can be assigned to each student by the degree-granting college as an additional approver for the IAP for a student's program.  The IAP approver is an optional part of the process.

When will IAP advising take place?

  • IAP advising is scheduled to take place during the 2011-2012 academic year, September 2011 - August 2012.  It is recommended that each student's IAP be complete before the student registers for Fall Semester, 2012 (12FS), scheduled for April, 2012.

How long will it take for an advisor to prepare a student's IAP?

  • This will range from a few minutes to an hour, depending on the number of web exceptions and annotations required.

How long does one IAP take, from when it is created by the advisor to student approval?

  • This will depend on the need for a scheduled meeting.  An IAP can be approved entirely online. 

Will there be training?

  • Yes.  Training will come in two forms: a general overview for all advisors, and specific sessions for each college advising center.

For which student IAPs am I responsible?

  • Each college will determine IAP advising assignments

How does it work?

  • The entire process will be accomplished online.  The IAP electronic document goes through 3 stages: Create > Prepare > Approve.  The Create stage is completed by the advisor using the DARSweb degree audit.  The Prepare stage is completed by the advisor and optional approver online using Advisor Toolbox.  The Approve stage is completed by the advisor, optional approver, and student (access via One Stop).

Why is an IAP Projected Graduation Term necessary?

  • A determination and documentation of a projected semester graduation term on the IAP is necessary to support the no delay clause of the Semester Conversion Pledge To Students.

Is there an official curriculum policy for all of UC's degree programs?

  • Yes, it's linked here.

Is there a library of helpful documentation?

  • Yes, documentation can be found in the UC Advisor Resources sharepoint and website.
  • Login to sharepoint using the username format ad\username.  Contact for access or help.