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The Faculty Assembly

Faculty Assembly

The Faculty Assembly is a gathering of the intellectual expertise of the university in pursuit of institutional excellence. It is a provocation to think, shape, and act.

Over the next several years, we at the university will be putting in place institutional changes that will impact teaching and scholarship for decades. We must engage each other in what faculty do best – think through complex ideas and be open to the unexpected that vigorous discussion and interaction can highlight. The Faculty Assembly will be an important element in strengthening the identity of the university faculty, which in turn should strengthen all elements of the institution.

The 2011 Assembly's Provocation:
"Technology - Interdisciplinarity in a Transforming University"

October 25, 2011  4:00 - 6:00 pm
Great Hall, Tangeman University Center
(light food reception beginning at 3:30)

"This year an advanced computer was asked questions in natural language and sorted 200 million pages in just 3 seconds to find the answers. In August, over 50,000 students signed up for a prominent professor's online course.  That number grew to over 200,000. Are these simply techno-feats of speed and scale or do they point to something more? Can new technologies, well-formed, lead to education models less bound by place and more interdiscipinary in scope? What might this new learning landscape look like?" (a provocation to be delivered by Chris Kasabach).

This year following the All University Faculty meeting with Presidential address, the university faculty will come together in our second annual Faculty Assembly to examine intellectually the foundational issues surrounding the integration of computer and digital technology into academic life. The Faculty Assembly will begin with a presentation by Chris Kasabach. Chris was recently selected as Director of the Thomas J. Watson (IBM) Fellowship. He will discuss how his transformation has led him to this new position and gives him a unique vantage point in discussing the issues facing higher education. His talk will focus on the integration of technology into our campuses, curriculum and lives, providing a provocative basis for discussions held at round tables comprised of small groups of faculty. The groups will respond to the issues raised and discuss the role of technology as it relates to education at UC, particularly how it might be leveraged for greater interdisciplinarity.

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Chris Kasabach

Chris Kasabach

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