Faculty Club

TO:  All members of the Cincinnati Faculty Club, Inc.


As the Cincinnati Faculty Club concludes its 49th year of operation, it is my sad duty to report to you that the club can no longer sustain its operations and thus will close effective June 30, 2017.  Since moving into the Lindner Athletic Center in 2006, it has become more and more difficult to recruit new members and many longtime members have retired and thus no longer pay dues or frequent the club.  Financially, the club does not make money on its lunchtime operations; has less than 100 paying members and has only been able to sustain a break-even operation thanks to the catering functions and financial subsidy from the university.  Financial assistance has been provided in varying amounts from both the Provost’s Office and from the Senior Vice President for Finance & Administration but we have been informed that neither source is willing to continue to subsidize the club’s operations.  It is clear that how faculty and staff members communicate and interact with their peers has changed and membership in the club is not a priority.


I want to emphasize that the Board of Governors has worked hard to try to come to a different decision and that the decision to shut down operations has not been an easy one.  The quality of food and the service provided by the staff of the club have been exemplary.   Executive Chef David Robinson has served as general manager and his staff, Clyde Bishop and John Mark Thomas have gone above and beyond to make dining experiences memorable for our members and guests.  Not only has Chef David gained a well-deserved reputation on campus for the excellent food provided at catered events but he has regularly performed tasks from fixing the ice machine to using his own vehicle to pick up food and supplies for the club.  The staff has cut corners, exceeded their job descriptions, and put their heart and soul into this club.  We all regret that we cannot celebrate in 2018 what would be the 50th year of operations for the club.  I would like to personally thank the current board members and staff for their service.  Please note that effective immediately, the club will not serve lunch.  Any existing catering events scheduled for May and June will be held as previously arranged.


In conclusion, I would like to thank all members of the Faculty Club both past and present for their loyalty and participation the many and varied activities of the Club.




Deborah Weinstein

President of the Board of Governors

Cincinnati Faculty Club, Inc.