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Proudly Cincinnati

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Kautz Alumni Masters Forum


Apprenticeships…cooperative education…medical residencies…each have grown from the essence of our civilization’s educational process: learning directly from the men and women who are at the forefront of their profession, and who

  • possess a lifetime of knowledge, experience and wisdom
  • have blazed trails and broken barriers
  • have achieved success

Realizing that a world-class education incorporates extensive experiential learning opportunities as well as rigorous academic preparation, UC alumnus and benefactor James Kautz and the University of Cincinnati teamed to create a unique educational experience—the Alumni Masters Forum—
that aims to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and wisdom within UC’s dynamic alumni body.

Kautz Alumni Masters are UC graduates— leaders in business and industry, in education, medicine and the arts—who have set new standards of accomplishment by which others measure themselves.

The University of Cincinnati Kautz Alumni Masters Forum is presented by the Alumni Masters Forum Deans Committee of the UC Council of Deans, in cooperation with The University of Cincinnati Foundation, supported and sponsored by the generosity of James and Carol Kautz.

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