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First-Year Experience


Are the learning community meeting times required?

Just like every other class in college, in order to get the benefits of a learning community, you need to attend the class time. Attendance is taken at every meeting, and your advisors are aware who is and who is not attending.

How do I register for a LC?

You will schedule an LC with your advisor during Orientation. You will automatically be registered for the classes that are associated with your LC once you type in the call number of the LC. Your advisor will go over all important details and logitics for registering for classes.

Can I drop the LC if I don't like it?

The first thing you should do in this situation is talk to your Peer Leader, then your advisor. They will be able to help you make the decision.

What is a Peer Leader?

A Peer Leader is an upper classman who is in the same major and/or has taken the same classes that are in your LC. A PL will serve as your mentor for your first year and will help you be successful academically, socially, and professionally.

What if I have AP Credit?

First, look through out templates and find a learning community section that has the classes you will need. Talk to your academic advisor about your AP credit and they can drop those classes for you.

Can I join more than one LC?

No, one LC will take enough of a part of your academic schedule, and you will get all of the benefits of a learning community by joining just one.

Do you re-enroll for the LC every semester?

Yes, you will re-enroll for the learning community when yuo register for classes each semester.

When do we meet for the LC time?

The LC meeting time is twice a week for 50 minutes each. It is built into your academic schedule. When you choose the LC you would like to join, you will be given a template from your advisor that will give you the specific time for the LC meeting.

If I don't sign up for a LC fall semester, can I join one later?

It is highly recommended that you join a LC starting fall semester. The students in the LC fall semester will be able to register for the LC spots first for spring semester. If there are seats open after the students register, then you can talk to your advisor about joining that specific LC.

Does anyone have precedence to get into an LC?

No, but depending on when your orientation is schedule, some learning communities might be closed. Talk to your academic advisor to see which are still available.

Do you join LC's based on your major?

Yes, you join an LC based on your major or interest area.

I am in exploratory studies. How do I know which LC to join?

We have LC's that are specifically geared for exploratory students: Communications I and II, Psychology I and II, A&S Core II, Major Choices, Envisioning Art & Design, Business and Society, and Pre-Nursing. Alll of these LC's are designed to help exploratory students find their major.

Can I join a LC in the middle of a semester?

No, you must register for a learning community when you register for your classes for the semester.

Are all of the Pre-Med LC's for Pre-Med students only?

No, those learning communities are open for McMicken Arts and Sciences students in science based majors like chemistry, biology, pre-pharmacy, and pre-med.

Do I get credit for being in a learning community?

The LC meeting time itself does not carry credit hours, but all of the classes associatred with the LC carry a credit hour and are listed on your template.

Do I get a grade for being in a LC?

The LC is a pass/fail course. Passing the learning community means attending LC meetings and actively participating. Because it is not a credit bearing course, a fail will not affect your GPA but will show up on your transcript as an "F."




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