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Research Fellowship
(To see the list of 2013-2014 recipients, please click here)

The Research Fellowship (RF) is a competitive award designed to assist individual graduate students in obtaining funds to further their research endeavors. Students may use the Research Fellowship to fund travel related to their research or purchase consumables or other research-related materials. This Fellowship is not intended for Conference Travel. Application and receipt of Conference Travel Awards do not exclude a student from consideration of the Research Fellowship. If you have received the maximum funds allowed for the Conference Travel Award and wish to attend other conferences directly related to your research, this may be included in your proposal.

Please note: due to University policy, the Research Fellowship may not be used to purchase electronic items of any kind, payments to third parties for services, survey awards/gifts, classes or training of any kind.

A student must satisfy all of the following criteria to be considered for the Research Fellowship:
   -Must be registered for at least one credit hour every semester (Except Summer)
   -Must be a member of a properly registered and active Graduate Student Association (Please see for a current list)
   -Must be a degree seeking graduate student with at least 12 credit hours earned.

The Research Fellowship is made possible by the generous support of the Office of Research, the Graduate School, the Office of the Provost and the Graduate Student Governance Association.

Students may apply for individual Research Fellowships. All research proposals will be considered and are not required to align with thesis or dissertation projects. Research Fellowships are a one-time award per degree. If a student graduates after receiving a Research Fellowship and returns to the University of Cincinnati to complete another degree, he or she may be eligible for another Research Fellowship in their new degree. The maximum amount that a student can be awarded is $1200 for the regular Research Fellowship and $1500 for Advancement of Diversity or Interdisciplinary Research Awards.


To be submitted electronically as ONE PDF file only:

1.    RF Application Form (MS Word - click Here to download): Please note: if you are a current GSA officer applying for this Fellowship, please do not sign your own application, but rather have another officer sign for you

2.   Statement of Purpose (maximum of double-spaced three pages with no less than one inch margins and eleven point font). If the Research Award will be used for travel, the location and dates must be mentioned here. This statement should detail the actual research project for a non-specialized audience. Please answer:
» The what, who, why, how and in what time frame
» The current status of the research. Applications must be for continuing research.
» The relevance of the research to related fields and the contribution such research would add.
» Goals and future plans for the project (such as conference presentation, publication, etc.) and thoughts on how the research will benefit the University and the UC community.
» Detailed description of how you plan to spend your Research Fellowship and justifications for your spending plan

If you are applying for the Research Fellowship for the Advancement of Diversity or Interdisciplinary Research, please detail how your research supports these initiatives in a short essay, not exceeding a single page. This essay should include the reasons why you are specifically applying to these fellowships and why you believe your research can be characterized as tackling topics on diversity or exemplifying interdisciplinary research. This essay can be added to the end of the Statement of Purpose as an additional page.

3.   Curriculum Vitae (maximum of 2 pages)

4.   One Letter of Recommendation Letter may be emailed directly to the GSGA ( from the recommending faculty if necessary. All letters must clearly identify the recommended student by name and college so they may be attributed to the correct proposal.
» The letter must come from a faculty who is familiar with the applicant's research (on UC letterhead) detailing the research activity and your ability to accomplish the tasks put forward in your proposal.

5.   Current proof of enrollment


Submit all completed materials in one PDF to the Research Fellowship Committee via the email Materials submitted by paper, or to other officers' email addresses will not be considered by the reviewing committee.
Deadline for submission of the Research Fellowship Application is Friday, November 2
1st, 2014 at 5pm EST. There will be no exceptions to this deadline.
All materials must be present in the application to be considered for the Fellowship. Incomplete applications will be not be reviewed by the committee.
The RF Review Committee will select proposals and notify recipients by December 20th.


For funding opportunities within the College of Law, please visit their organization websites. For inquiries about the Research Fellowship, please contact the GSGA President at Inquiries sent to the submission email address may not be answered.

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