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University Honors Program Biomedical Research and Mentoring Program

UHP Biomedical RaMP is an undergraduate research opportunity offered in partnership with Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) and UC's College of Medicine (UCCOM).

Program overview
Graduate students and post-doctoral fellows mentor undergraduate University Honors students in their research labs. This program is geared towards first- and second-year undergraduate honors students interested in careers in biomedical research and/or entering PhD, MD, or MD/PhD programs in biomedical fields. Placements typically require 8-15 hours of work per week (this will vary by lab) in spring semester, with the possibility of becoming full-time in the summer. Schedules are flexible. Mentoring is provided by the graduate students working on these projects and oversight is provided by their faculty advisors (typically the lab's PI).

Oversight of the program is the responsibility of the University Honors Program, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, and the UCCOM Graduate Studies Office. University Honors students must fulfill the safety and health requirements and training specified by the hosting institution where the laboratory is located. University Honors students must also report on their progress to the University Honors Program coordinator as required and in a timely fashion.

Program goals

  • To provide first- and second-year undergraduate University Honors students with training and experience in high-level biomedical research
  • To enable UCCOM graduate students to develop mentoring skills.

It is expected that participating undergraduate students will establish a 1-2 year commitment to be trained by the lab and to participate in research under the guidance of the graduate student contact; however, continued placement is not guaranteed.

Trisha Ablordeppey

How to Apply
The application and matching process occurs in the fall semester (October/November) and research placements occur in the spring semester (January - May).

The application deadline for 2016 projects is Friday, November 6, 2015. All University Honors students are eligible; first- and second-year students are especially encouraged to apply.

Application information is available here: Applying to projects

Walk-In assistance with application materials will be available on Friday, October 30th from 9:00-11:00am in Swift 708.

Matching and Participation
Students must confirm their commitment to a lab in writing (email is fine) in order for a match to be complete.

Participating students will be required to attend an Orientation during the first week of December and mandatory professional development seminars (one per month) throughout the spring semester.

Contact Megan Minton (


The application cycle for research in Spring 2016 will open in October. For reference, feel free to view the descriptions of the 2015 research projects (keep in mind that these will change for 2016).


2013 Biomedical RaMP student researcher Chris Gonzalez

Opportunities to Learn More
Information Sessions:
Learn more about the program and get tips on the application process.

Monday, Oct. 19, 10:15am, Swift 708
Thursday, Oct. 22, 4:00pm, Swift 708

Meet and Greet with Mentors:
Meet the mentors and learn about their research projects, in order to inform your applications and the matching process.

Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2:30-5:00pm in TUC 417ABC

University Honors students may submit honors experiential learning project proposals for both their spring and summer placements to request an honors grant (if the student is otherwise not funded by the lab or research).

Students who work in their mentor’s research lab full-time (for 14 weeks or more) in summer could receive up to $2000 as an honors grant. Students who work part-time in their mentor's lab in the summer and/or spring could receive a grant of a lesser amount.

Grants for summer placements would likely not be awarded until fall term, as the grants must be awarded during a term in which students are enrolled in classes. Please carefully read the details about honors grants to make sure you are aware of potential financial aid issues as well.

Students must apply to receive an honors grant in spring and/or summer by submitting an self-designed experiential learning project proposal.

2013 Biomedical RaMP Student Researchers and their mentors

2013 UHP Biomedical RaMP student researchers and their mentors

2014 UHP Biomedical RaMP student researchers

2014 UHP Biomedical RaMP student researchers