University Honors Program

University Honors Program

Admission to University Honors: Current UC Students

We know that there are many outstanding, high achieving undergraduate students at UC who are not admitted to University Honors as incoming freshmen. We encourage interested students to apply through our transition process.

Please keep in mind that the transition process is very competitive and we are limited in the number of students that we can accept. As a result, there are also many outstanding, high achieving students that we are not able to admit through this process due to the number of applications received. In the 2013-14 process, we had 140 applications for 72 spaces (a 51% acceptance rate). We expect the same number of applications (if not more) in the 2014-15 process.

Applicants must have a cumulative university GPA of 3.4* or above and expect to have earned at least 24 semester hours of college credit by the end of spring semester 2015 in order to be considered for admission to University Honors. *Please be aware that the GPA of students who are admitted is typically much higher, above a 3.8.

Application Timeline

Application Opens - October 1, 2014
Application Deadline - January 23, 2015

Info sessions on the UHP and the transition process will be on the following dates:

  • Thursday, Nov. 6th, 2-3pm
  • Friday, Nov. 7th, 1-2pm
  • Thursday, Nov. 13th, 11am-12pm 

 Applicants will be notified of their status via email by February 2015.

Application Process

The transition application process is currently closed. Current UC students who are interested in applying to the UHP are encouraged to apply during our next application period, which will open in the fall of 2015 with applications due in February 2016. 

  1. Applications are not open at this time. 

  2. Academic Record: Once you complete the online application, we will access your UC academic record. By completing the online application, you give us permission to access that information. 
  3. Resume: Submit a resume with a listing of your campus and community engagements to Please include all of your co-curricular involvements, as well as work experience. Knowing what you have engaged in so far in your UC experience is very important to our selection process. The resume does not need to be limited to one page. It can be longer if necessary.
  4. Recommendation Form: Request two recommendations using the form provided. We prefer that one recommendation come from a faculty member who has had you in class at UC (this can also be a teaching assistant or graduate assistant). The second recommendation can be from a UC faculty or staff member or it could be from a supervisor in a work or volunteer experience. Completed recommendation forms should be submitted to us directly by the recommender at (preferred) or by fax or mail (below).

University Honors Program
P.O. Box 210007
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0007
Fax: 513-556-2890

Gateway to University Honors Class

All admitted students are required to enroll in the one credit hour Gateway to University Honors course (HNRS1010) in spring semester 2015. The course will begin March 2, 2015. Two sections will be offered - you must be able to enroll in one of these class sections:  

Section 001 - Wednesdays, 3:30-5:45pm
Section 002 - Thursday, 3:30 - 5:45pm 

Both sections will begin meeting on March 2 and will conclude on April 25. The UHP will give admitted students add slips to enroll.

Gateway to University Honors (HNRS1010) does NOT carry a fee.  If the student is taking the maximum number of credit hours (18) as a full-time student, s/he can still enroll in the class without being charged additional tuition fees.  Students must receive authorization from their college academic advisor to register for the 19th credit hour.

Consider Participating in an Honors Seminar

UC students with a cumulative GPA equal to or greater than a 3.4 are eligible to enroll in honors seminars. Students should contact University Honors for permission to enroll. If the seminar has a study abroad component, students must also complete the required application and interview. Incoming first-year students without an established UC GPA are not eligible to enroll in fall semester seminars.


Contact us at or 513-556-6254.