Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Impact Solutions is widely recognized as a leader in the EAP field, serving a broad range of clients with strong ties to the higher education market.

Resources available to you are completely confidential.

Impact Solutions provides unlimited phone consultations, 24/7/365, by calling 800-227-6007. 

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EAP Information

Impact Solutions has the following services available:

  • Counseling: Speak with a counselor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by calling 800-227-6007.
    • Receive up to 5 face to face counseling sessions for free per problem occurrence.
  • Coverage: All UC benefits eligible employees and their household members, dependents living away from home, and both parents and in-laws are eligible to receive assistance. 
Impact Solutions content is outlined below, with new articles and resources added regularly. We recommend bookmarking the page, and visiting monthly, to build skills and knowledge for wellness. 


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Impact Solutions Homepage

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What to look for within the portal

The website has recently been updated using tiles for organization.  Topics covered are shared below and the Impact Solutions downloadable flyer explains how to navigate the tiles.

  • Parenting – including adoption, developmental stages, childcare, well-being, and education
  • Aging – including planning for the future, aging well, housing options, grief and loss, caregiving
  • Mental Health – including personal growth, communication, addiction and recovery and relationships
  • Wellness – including tools, healthy eating/recipes, health specific to age and gender, and medical care
  • Working – including effective managing, career transitions, workplace productivity and safety
  • Living – consumer tips, home buying/selling/improvement, fraud and theft, legal, pets, and going green
  • International – immigration, relocating abroad, living abroad, families abroad
Impact Solutions downloadable flyer
Impact Solutions 2017 webinar schedule

Centers For Specific Needs

Unique, focused topic areas to help you get information, resources and tools including audio and video content including: legal advice, financial help, depression, savings center, tobacco cessation, TaxACT for tax preparation, and caregiving needs.

Online Seminars and Skill Builders

New online webinars are posted monthly with on-demand webinars avaliable anytime: Building Resiliency 101, Caring for Aging Relatives, Coping with Change, Keeping Your Love Alive, Making Your Money Work For You: A Debt Management Plan.

Skill builders help you build your professional self and include: Accountability, Business Etiquette and Professionalism, Emotional Intelligence for Success, Nobody Likes a Bully: Bullying in the Workplace, The Art of Conflict Resolution.

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EAP Frequently Asked Questions

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