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Outplacement Services Toolkit

outplacement services

Outplacement Services is a virtual toolkit developed by UC Human Resources in partnership with Career Development Center to provide a variety of outplacement resources to assist UC employees and Alumni who have been displaced.  These resources are designed to provide assistance to individuals in career transition seeking to enhance their skills and marketability, communicate available resources, and deliver workforce development programs.

Career Exploration

On-campus Resources

Employment Resources

Additional Resources

Butler County

Chamber of Commerce

City of Cincinnati

Clermont County

Consumer Credit Counseling Service

Hamilton County

Ohio United Way

Targeted Job Fairs

United States Department of Labor

United Way of Greater Cincinnati 211 Community Resource Directory;;0;;0

Urban League of Greater Cincinnati

USA Jobs

Workforce Connections

State Workforce Development

OWD Resources

Ohio Workforce One (Warren County)

Workforce One of Butler County

Indiana Work One

Workforce Investments ( Kentucky)

Temporary Employment Agencies

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