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Violence Reduction

The Institute of Crime Science is actively engaged in a myriad of projects, locally and internationally, focused on violence reduction initiatives.

Community Initiative to Reduce Violence (Cincinnati)

CIRV is a multi-agency and community collaborative effort designed to quickly and dramatically reduce gun violence and associated homicides, with sustained reductions over time.  This focused-deterrence strategy brings together a partnership of multiple law enforcement agencies (local, state, and federal), social service providers, and the community to establish a clear message to violent street groups - Stop the violence and stop the killing.  CIRV was modeled loosely on the Boston Gun Project from the mid-1990's, but is setting new standards for accountability and institutionalization, managerial seriousness, efficiency, and effectiveness. This initiative has been highlighted both locally and internationally for its success and ingenuity.

More information on CIRV including statistics, a detailed description of the project, and changes in the project can be found below in the yearly reports:

Implementation of the Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence (CIRV): Year 1 Report

Implementation of the Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence (CIRV): Year 2 Report

Evaluation of the Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence (CIRV): 2010

Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence (CIRV): 2008 - 2010 Home Visits Report

Violence Reduction Projects Based on the CIRV Model

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Project BRAVE - Baton Rouge, LA

Reducing Violence in New Orleans, LA

Ohio Community Initiative to Reduce Violence 

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