Feb. 12, 1999
Contact: Mary Bridget Reilly

[Winger's logo]


Cincinnati -- A new stadium for the Bengals brings with it a new logo thanks to University of Cincinnati graphic design senior John Winger.

Winger was recently named the winner in a Bengals-sponsored competition among UC College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning students to create a logo for the new Paul Brown Stadium. He won out over 15 other students enrolled in a Design System II summer studio led by Stan Brod, adjunct professor of design.

Winger's design features eliptical, bowl-like arcs that represent the stadium. A citscape perches above them while three softly curving stripes along the bottom represent the river. The words "Paul Brown Stadium" are incorporated as well.

"I wanted to reflect the energy and action of a stadium event in my design. The skyline is tilted to express some of that energy...The logo is comprised of black and a bright orange (for the Bengals) and green (actual seat color)," explained Winger.

Future fans will see the logo on signs in and around the stadium as well as on merchandise like footballs, hats and t-shirts.

Just like his cooperative education quarters in Columbus, Boston and upstate New York, Winger found the competition filled with learning opportunities. "I learned how to work with clients, about the give-and-take of the process between the designer's wishes vs. client needs," he said, adding that his previous co-ops with professional firms helped prepare him to carry the project through the entire process form initial concepts, presentations and revisions.

Winger's work, for which he received a $1,000 prize, will be on general view when the Bengals' $280 million stadium, part of a $400 million riverfront development project, is completed by August 2000.

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