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Curriculum Integration

Curriculum Integration – Incorporating course work taken abroad into the academic context of the home campus.  It involves weaving study abroad into the fabric of the on-campus curriculum through activities such as course matching, academic advising, departmental and collegiate informational and promotional materials, and the structuring of degree requirements. (Forum on Education Abroad, 2008)

As part of the ongoing process for Semester Conversion at UC, UC International Programs, with the support of the Integrated Core Learning Committee, encourages all departments to include an education abroad component into their re-structured degree programs for undergraduates. 

With UC’s long history and recognized expertise in experiential learning, integrating education abroad experiences into a student’s degree program directly supports both the philosophy of Integrated Core Learning, as well as the mission of the university, which says, in its concluding statement: “Through scholarship, service, partnerships, and leadership, we create opportunity, develop educated and engaged citizens, enhance the economy and enrich our University, city, state and global community.”

ICL Touchpoints

The Integrated Core Learning Process with its three touch-points in the undergraduate experience—Great Beginnings, Mid-Collegiate Launch, and Finale: The Senior Capstone Experience—provides a number of opportunities for the integration of education abroad into a program’s curriculum. 

First Year Experience

While a student’s first year at the university may seem like a counterintuitive time to encourage study abroad (after all, they just got here), institutions across the country are developing opportunities for students to go abroad at some point during their first year.  UC has had a short-term program in  for a number of years that is part of a freshman seminar in the Department of Geography, and each year the Kolodzik Business Scholars program offers an elective course that includes a short travel component. Currently UC International Programs is working with the Center for First Year Experience and Learning Communities to develop other opportunities for students at this point in their UC career. 

Mid-Collegiate Experience

Perhaps the most obvious is at the mid-collegiate point, at which point students have a grounding in the basics of their subject matter, and have also had time to study another country’s language and/or culture in order to prepare them to fully engage at their host site. 

University Studies Abroad Consortium

UC International Programs has received a small grant from the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) to assist in the curriculum integration process.  UC's membership in USAC allows our students and faculty to participate in the consortium's 39 programs in 24 countries.  USAC is a non-profit, university-based organization housed at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Beginning with the 2010-11 academic year, UC International Programs will begin reaching out to a variety of departments on campus to work with them to integrate USAC program courses into their undergraduate degree programs.  Interested departments are encouraged to contact Kurt Olausen to discuss this project.

Examples from Other Institutions