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UC International Student Grants

Students who would like to apply for a grant and are participating in an individual study abroad program (one that is not lead by a UC professor/instructor), should follow the deadlines listed below and click on the link to apply through our online application. Students traveling on faculty-led programs should not apply for individual grants, as they will receive a block grant. 

Grant Eligibility

  • Full-time or part-time UC students matriculated in a degree program
  • In good standing at the University (overall GPA greater than 2.0)
  • Zero balance (no delinquent obligations) on your student account
  • Participating in a credit-bearing program: either a pre-approved UC program or an external program for which you have approval from your Academic Advisor
  • Both long and short-term programs are supported

Grant Ineligibility

  • Independent study, research, performances, and conference participation are not eligibile for funding
  • Students can receive a maximum of one grant per year

Online Proposal Due:

For international activities taking place in:
June 15

Fall Semester

November 15

Spring Semester

March 15

Summer Semester

Grant Writing Workshops

Advisors from UC International Programs review the online grant application, explain the review process and are available to answer questions about your proposal.

Friday, June 6, 2014 at 10am          3134 Edwards Center One (3rd Floor)

Office of Nationally Competitive Awards

There are six top scholarship awards that require university endorsement. There is a campus deadline by which students must apply for these scholarship awards. Please work closely with the Office of Nationally Competitive Awards in order to build the best application possible prior to the campus deadline. For more information please contact Pam Person, Director of Nationally Competitive Awards.

College & Departmental Grants

In addition to grants from UC International, a number of colleges, departments, and other units offer financial assistance for students to participate in an education abroad experience. For the three opportunities listed below, no additional application is required; if you have applied for a UC International grant and meet the qualifications listed below, you will also be considered for a college grant. Students who do not fit into any of the categories listed above should consult with their academic advisors and home colleges and departments.

College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services

The College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services (CECH) is proud to support undergraduate CECH students interested in pursuing study abroad opportunities.  As a result of more and more students interested in studying outside of the United States and the educational value that can be obtained, CECH is offering grants that are available to assist with the financial side of this experience.  Student grants are awarded based on merit, financial need and length of study abroad experience.  No additional applications are necessary, however interested students must complete an application for a student grant with International Programs.  For more information, contact Ric Stackpole.

UC Blue Ash

UCBA students participating in UCBA study abroad programs are eligible for additional grant funding thanks to the support of Dean Cady Short-Thompson.  UCBA students with questions about these grants should consult with the program director of their study abroad program.  Information is available on the Blue Ash College Study Abroad website.

William and Shirley Merke Study Abroad Fund

Awarded by McMicken College of Arts & Sciences and UC International to any  student, who is enrolled for a bona fide study abroad experience, regardless of his/her major or college degree.