Academic Planning


One of the most important preparations before going abroad is academic planning.  Students should think about how the credit they earn abroad will work toward their degree program at UC.  Students going on a faculty-led program will earn credit that will appear on their transcript like any other UC course.  While students receiving transfer credit from outside institutions (exchange or external) will need prior approval to bring that credit back to UC.  To receive credit at UC you must submit a signed Academic Credit Approval Form.  Please follow the below instructions to complete this form: 

  1. Complete the top section of the form with your personal and program information.  Select the course and term you will be enrolled at UC.  Course details can be found below.
  2. Determine which courses you still need to take in order to successfully complete your degree, minor, or certificate programs at UC.  If you are unsure of what you still need to take, an academic advisor can assist you.
  3. Identify coursework at the exchange or external program that has similar content to the courses you still need to take.
  4. Input the courses you plan on taking abroad on to your form.
  5. Work with your academic advisor to find UC course equivalents, the number of UC credits, and to determine the type of credit you expect to receive (ex. credit for your major or minor).  Credit systems around the world vary a great deal.  Here are some general guidelines.
    • 2 ECTS is 1 UC credit, ex. 6 ECTS is 3 UC credits.  Half credits should be rounded up.
    • 10 credits in the UK is 3 UC credits, 20 credits in the UK is 6 UC credits.
    • 12 credits in Australia is 4 UC credits, 24 credits in Australia is 8 UC credits.
    • USAC specialty programs use the same credit system as UC.
  6. The coursework you plan to take abroad or choose to take abroad can often change after your arrival.  It is always a good idea to choose alternate courses to accommodate those potential changes.
  7. Your academic advisor must sign and certify that you’re in good academic standing and the coursework will work toward your degree program at UC.
  8. Submit your completed form online as part of your UC application to study abroad.  It is recommended that you complete an Academic Credit Approval Form for each major or minor you have at UC with the corresponding advisor.

Once submitted, UC International Programs will clear your permission to register for the appropriate study abroad course:

  • MLTI3000 or MLTI6000 Study Abroad: This course is for students who study abroad on an external program.  Students are charged a $200 fee to register for this course.  This allows students to stay enrolled at UC full time for the term they are abroad so they are able to access all of UC’s services including financial aid and scholarships.  Students pay tuition to the external program provider or host institution. 
  • MLTI4015 or MLTI7000 International Exchange:  This course is for students who study abroad on UC Exchange programs.  Students are charged in-state base main campus tuition for this course.  This allows students to stay enrolled at UC full time for the term they are abroad so they are able to access all of UC’s services including financial aid and scholarships.  Tuition fees are waived at the host institution.

Special Note for Students Taking Language Coursework Abroad:  A second Academic Credit Approval Form should be completed by students taking French, Italian, or Spanish abroad, to accurately match the course abroad with the UC course equivalent.  Forms should be completed with Dr. Carl Bryant, who can be contacted at

Special Note for Students in the Lindner College of Business: The Academic Credit Approval Form can be completed by your advisor once all courses have been approved via the course substitution process. After completing the top portion of the Course Substitution Form, it should be submitted to the corresponding LCB Department Head (e.g. a Marketing course should be approved by the Department Head of Marketing), along with any available supporting documentation (e.g. syllabus, course description) for the business courses you plan to take abroad. You can submit these by scheduling a meeting with each Department Head or by emailing them the relevant documentation.  Once the Department Head’s signature has been obtained, the form(s) should be submitted to Lindner 105 for final approval.  Course substitution forms for non-business related courses (free electives, general education, etc.) must still be completed, but do not require a Department Head’s signature and should be submitted directly to Lindner 105 for approval. This also applies if you plan to use credits from abroad toward your LCB language requirement.

Special Note for Students in the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences: You will need to print the Study Abroad Course Approval Form from your online study abroad application. This form will be completed with your Arts and Sciences Advisor. Remember, your study abroad experience does not count toward the foreign language requirement unless you are actually completing the language course at the host institution. You will need to review course options and complete the form for the course choices from the host institution, with any questions addressed to Kevin Ploeger at and he will work with you to provide a better understanding.  Please attach to the form a short description of each class – similar to what one would see when searching for UC classes.  This will ensure that the correct UC course is matched with the study abroad course. Drop the completed form off at the College of Arts and Sciences advising reception desk in French Hall West, attn.: Kevin Ploeger. You will receive an email within one business week letting you know when the Academic Credit Approval Form is ready for pick up OR if additional time is needed for review and approval.  You will pick up the completed form at the Arts & Sciences Reception Desk in French Hall West. You will then be able to pick your Study Abroad Academic Credit Approval Form up from the McMicken advising front desk and uploaded the completed form to your online study abroad application. Due to the nature of course approvals and the time needed, please plan accordingly.  You will need to submit the Study Abroad Academic Credit Approval Form to the Advising Office a minimum of three weeks prior to your deadline with International Programs or Financial Aid.  This is to ensure adequate review and approval time for the Advising Office.