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Safe Zone

Ally Training Curriculum Series

Safe Zone 101

Safe Zone 101 seeks to increase the visible presence of students, staff and faculty who can help to shape a campus culture that is accepting of all people regardless of sexuality, gender identification/expression, or any other difference. Training topics and exercises include: becoming comfortable discussing sexuality and gender identifications, the importance of inclusive language, creating safe spaces and how to be a supportive advocate and ally for LGBTQ social justice and equality.

Trans* 101

Trans* 101 seeks to increase the awareness of trans* and gender non-conforming identities. We will explore issues specific to gender identity and expression in an effort to increase the visible presence of student, staff and faculty trans* allies who can help build a more equitable and inclusive campus. Training topics and exercises include: becoming comfortable discussing gender identifications and expressions, the importance of inclusive language, creating safe spaces and how to be a supportive advocate and ally for trans* and gender non-conforming individuals. Please note that you should participate  in Safe Zone 101 before Trans* 101

How Training Works:

Participants are provided a resource packet with each training, and those who wish to be LGBTQ allies are also given a Safe Zone/Trans* ally magnet. These magnets acknowledge that this space is a safer space for LGBTQ persons to express themselves openly and know they will be treated with respect.

As an ally, you are expected to be open and affirming to LGBTQ persons, and to provide information and referrals when needed. The LGBTQ Center provides departmental training to students, staff, and faculty year round. These interactive trainings are 2 hours long and cannot be shortened.

The LGBTQ Center staff is limited by time and resources. Departmental trainings are limited so they will be done on a first come, first serve basis.  Please request trainings as far in advance as possible. If we are unable to accommodate your request please check out our two campus wide dates.

*We will be rolling out Safe Zone 201 in the spring semester of this academic year, 2015/16.

To find out more about how you can participate in the Ally Training Curriculum Series, please contact the LGBTQ Center at (513)556-4329(513)556-4329.513-556-4329513-55

NOTE: We can only train groups of between 15-60 individuals.



Ally Training Curriculum Series Flyer with dates and times

Ally Training Curriculum Series
Campus Wide Dates

Safe Zone Training 101
October 20th~6-8pm
November 10th~6-8pm

Trans* Training 101
October 27th~6-8pm
November 17th~6-8pm

Must RSVP to T. Vaught
Bring your UCID

Ally Training Curriculum Series FAQs

Where are trainings held?
We request that you find a space that will comfortably hold your expected number of partoicipants, as well as having a way to project our PowerPoint and access to the internet.

How many people can attend the training?
There is a minimum requirement of 15 participants and a maximum of 60. If there are less than 15 training at the start of the presentation, the LGBTQ Center may cancel the training. We request that one week prior to the training, we receive a total number or participants so we can prepare training materials.

How long is the training?
The training is roughly 2 hours long.

When can I have the training?
We ask that you send the LGBTQ Center a few possible dates and time that you would like to have the training so we can work to fit it into our schedule as well.

What training should I take?
The Ally Training Curriculum Series is a 4 part series, including Safe Zone 101, Safe Zone 201, Trans* 101, and Trans* 201. We recommend that you at them in ascending order and complete at least Safe Zone 101 before taking either Trans* training. 

Safe Zone