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Graphic Identity Guide

The old Bearcat and other university identities

In order to present a clear and consistent identity, the old ‘Cat’ logo and all iterations of it are not approved for use at this time. In addition, the former ‘C-Paw’ is no longer the representative mark of University of Cincinnati Athletics, and its use is prohibited.  All new material must carry the new identity.


Incorrect usage

The following illustrations provide examples of incorrect use of University of Cincinnati trademarks.  These or any other adaptations of incorrect usage are strictly forbidden.

  • The institutional logo and "C-Paw" mark may only be used in the ways shown on our art sheet. These logos must be entirely visible. Placing anything on top of, or interfering with the logos is prohibited.
  • Do not re-create or alter the logos in any manner.  Examples include, but are not limited to: separation of elements, using the logo as part of a sentence or headline, color substitution, adding information, adding elements, and font substitution.
  • Do not stretch or distort the logo.  When re-sizing the logo make sure that the width to height aspect ratio is the same.
  • Do not use the logo or any element of the logo to create a pattern.
  • Avoid the use of the logo on top of busy photos, textures, or backgrounds.
  • Do not screen or watermark the logo.  Maintain the same color values prescribed in the color reproduction section of the Branding Standards Manual, and found on the logo page of this manual.
  • Do not use versions of the logo obtained from the Web for print or merchandise. Do not scan previously printed materials.  Electronic versions in various file formats can be downloaded at
  • Do not rotate or tilt the logo. Maintain a 0° angle of reproduction.



Incorrect Usage Examples - Institutional Logo

Incorrect Usage Examples - Athletics Marks

Old Bearcat Mascot
Old C-Paw Logo
Color Substitution
Logo as part of a sentence
Separation of Elements
Using as a screen-watermark
Font substitution
Information-elements added
Using over busy photography
Using logo from the web
Using as texture