Tangeman University Center

Tangeman University Center

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Tangeman University Center (TUC), UC's student union, is located in the center of University of Cincinnati's main campus. It is the home to Catskeller, the Cinema, the Food Court, UC Bookstore, MainStreet Express Mart, MainStreet Connection Center, Mick & Mack's, Quick Mick's Cafe and PNC Bank as well as many meeting spaces and study areas.

TUC was reconstructed in 2005 with the original clock tower placed atop the skylight in the 90-foot atrium.

TUC and Stadium

History of the Tangeman University Center

Tangeman University Center
Size: 214,609 sq. ft.
Floors: 4
Budget: $3.7 million
Built: 1935
Student staff: 30 (part-time)
Nonstudent staff:10 (full-time)

The University of Cincinnati opened the Student Union in 1935. After World War II, the building was renamed the Donald Core Tangeman University Center in honor of an alumnus’ son killed in action on March 28, 1945.

In 2001, a major renovation and expansion on the union began. The $50.7 million project included adding a 90 ft. atrium with a skylight and renovating the original clock tower. It was completed in 2004.

Unique Features
The atrium is a key feature of the Tangeman University Center as it provides much light throughout the building; the most famous feature is the clock tower. Other features of the union include a food court featuring six retail locations; Mick & Mack’s, a full service-restaurant; and the 200-seat movie theater.

Students’ Role
Students can often be found at the Catskeller pub/sports lounge. Also, the study lounge is a great place to gather or study. Throughout the union, students have wireless internet, food, and game options.

As employees of the union, students are the heart of the operation. Not only are they front-line employees who provide excellent service to the university community and visitors, they also oversee facility operations and operations in the evenings and on weekends.

In addition, students play an important role in the governance of the union. The student life fees are governed by the Student Advisory Committee on the University Budget. There are several committees for programs that include students, faculty, and staff.

The union offers several annual programs, such as the leadership lecture series, which has featured past speakers such as Peyton Manning. Additionally, movie premiers and a diverse series of independent, popular, and international films are screened.

Other programs include the science fairs, monthly poker, darts, and billiards tournaments, homecoming rally, spoken word shows, and the university’s Red and Black parade.