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Award Winners

2015-2016 Winners & Honorable Mentions

Abby Yeakle

Abby Yeakle (D.M.A.’17), a Doctor of Musical Arts student at the CCM, received a Fulbright Grant to study in Vienna, Austria. Abby’s Fulbright studies involve learning the Viennese Oboe, a predecessor to the modern oboe, uniquely preserved by Austrian culture and tradition. These studies will become her dissertation project, and she expects to graduate in May 2017. After graduating, Abby will seek a university teaching career and continue to be a life-long learner.

Christy Wittmer (M.F.A. ‘14) a graduate of DAAP’s MFA program in Sculpture, received a Fulbright Grant to study in Jingdezhen, China. Christy will explore the history of and connections between the traditional porcelain sculpture and the contemporary ceramic art being made in Jingdezhen and elsewhere; creating a new body of sculptural work focused on her interests in dislocation and the ways in which error and unpredictability function in the ceramic process. Upon her return to the U.S., Christy will continue exhibiting her work and teaching art at the university level.

Nicholas Myers

Nicholas Myers (B.A. ‘16) recently received his B.A. in English with a minor in History. Nick received a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) to teach English in Germany, an opportunity which combines his love of literature and the German language. After serving as an ETA, Nick plans to pursue a PhD in German studies and to teach at the university level.

Josiah Q. Rushing

Josiah Q. Rushing (M.M. ‘16) recently received his Master’s in Music, Percussion Performance, from CCM. Josiah received a Fulbright Grant to study percussion and 21st century music in Lyon, France. While in Lyon, he will study with world renowned percussionist Jean Geoffroy at La Conservatoire Nationale Superièure de Musiuque et Dance de Lyon. Upon returning to the U.S., Josiah hopes to form a non-profit artistic organization creating cross-artistic productions that break the “fourth-wall” of concert going in the name of community engagement.

American Scandinavian Foundation Dissertation Research Award

Mark Mitchell (Ph.D. ’17) was awarded an American Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) Dissertation Research Award for $20,000 to study a system of green (vegetated) roofs in southern Sweden during the 2016-2017 academic year. The award, in addition to the UC Graduate School Dean's Fellowship, will allow him to continue studying a unique collection of green roofs that were installed with the same plants and "soil", but in different years; making it possible to track how these ecosystems change over time. He is planning on graduating in spring 2017 and hopes to continue to study this and other ecosystem ecology and environmental sustainability research questions as a biology professor. Mark was also a semifinalist for the Fulbright award.

Goldwater Honorable Mentions:

Mohamed Elzarka was named an Honorable Mention for the Goldwater Award, recognizing his research achievements. An undergraduate Neurobiology major, Mohamed plans to pursue a PhD in neurobiology upon graduation. Mohamed’s goals is to work in an academic medical so as to collaborate with physicians and researchers. He hopes to one day mitigate the effects of, or slow the progression of, Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative conditions through my research.

Aswin Bikkani was named an Honorable Mention for the Goldwater Award. A Medical Sciences major, he plans on pursuing an MD/PhD to continue his research in biomedical engineering. Aswin hopes to tackle kidney disease by understanding the kidney’s development, conducting research in either basic or translational aspects of developmental biology.