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Record-Setting Commencement: Take a 'By-the-Numbers' Look at the Graduates

Take a look at the statistics delineating the spring class of 2014. The average age of the graduates is 26.4. The youngest graduate is 18, and the oldest graduate is 68.

Date: 4/14/2014 12:00:00 AM
By: M.B. Reilly
Phone: (513) 556-1824
Photos By: Dottie Stover

UC ingot   This year will bring the largest spring-term Commencement in the University of Cincinnati's history.

Commencement events will be spread over two days, with ceremonies for undergraduate students held at 9 a.m. and 2 p.m., Saturday, April 26, and a ceremony for doctoral and master’s students set for 10 a.m., Friday, April 25. Main site for these ceremonies is Fifth Third Arena.

UC’s Office of Institutional Research reports that a total of 6,272 students applied for graduation this spring, as the academic year closes out. The graduates will earn a total of 6,381 degrees. (Some students earn more than one degree.)

The spring 2014 class is earning
  • 683 associate degrees
  • 3,576 bachelor’s degrees
  • 1,502 master’s degrees
  • 332 doctoral degrees
  • 288 professional degrees

Geographic breakdown
  • Graduates come from 77 countries, 47 states and 82 Ohio counties. More than 75 percent (76.1 percent) of the graduates are from Ohio.
  • Most of the students – 4,321 or 68 percent – have taken at least one distance-learning course, and 489 earned their degrees via UC distance learning programs.
  • More than 240 of the graduates came to UC from the Cincinnati Public Schools.

Gender ratios

  • More than half the class is comprised of women (56.2 percent) and 43.8 percent are men.

Age range
The average age of the graduates is 26.4. The youngest graduate is 18, earning an associate degree. The oldest graduate is 68. He is Paul Gehring, earning a master’s from UC’s College of Engineering and Applied Science.

More than 12 percent (12.7 percent) or 796 students are students of color, including
  • Black, 6.4 percent
  • Asian, 3.5 percent
  • Hispanic, 2.5 percent
  • Native American or Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, less than 1 percent
Others include
  • Multiracial, 1.3 percent
  • White, 73.7 percent
  • Graduates from outside the United States, 7.1 percent
  • Other, 5.1 percent

Institutional aid
  • Just under 70 percent (69.7 percent) of the graduating students received some sort of institutional aid from UC in order to complete their degrees.
STEMM degrees
  • Nearly 3,000 of the graduates (2,996) are receiving degrees in fields represented by the STEMM (science, technology, engineering, math and medical) disciplines.
Graduating veterans
  • In the graduating class, 164 students are military veterans. The student veterans can be identified by red-white-and-blue honor cords worn over the graduation regalia.

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