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Brooke Crowley

Brooke Crowley
Crowley's Research
Departments of Geology and Anthropology
Associate Professor
Quaternary Paleoecology

Dr. Crowley's research is focused on understanding how mammal species interacted and partitioned their resources in the recent past. She is also interested in how animals might change their mobility, habitat, or diet in response to natural and anthropogenic environmental change. To read more about her research, check out her web page,

QARG Publications
Crowley, B.E., and Godfrey, L.R. 2013. Why all those spines? Arachronistic defenses in the Didiereoideae against now extinct lemurs. South African Journal of Science v. 109(1/2), p. 70-76.

Baumann, E., and Crowley, B.E. 2015.  Stable isotopes reveal ecological differences amongst now-extinct proboscideans from the Cincinnati region, USA.  Boreas v. 44(1), p. 240-254.

Crowley, B.E., Godfrey, L.R., Guilderson, T.P., ZermeƱo, P., Koch, P.L., and Dominy, N.J. 2012. Extinction and ecological retreat in a community of primates. Proceedings of the Royal Society B v. 279, p. 3597-3605.