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Katherine Whitcome

Katherine Whitcome
Whitcome's Research
Department of Anthropology
Assistant Professor
Human Evolutionary Biology

Dr. Whitcome’s research foci include human evolution and primate functional morphology highlighting the biological processes and evolutionary trajectories of locomotor and reproductive adaptations associated with hominin bipedalism. Within this framework she investigates three distinct yet related areas: 1) biomechanics of human and nonhuman primate locomotion, 2) female musculo–skeletal adaptations related to reproductive success, and 3) evolutionary radiations of locomotor diversity within the human lineage. In exploring these issues she applies diverse methodologies including 3D kinematics of natural motion, kinetics, modeling biomechanics and comparative morphometrics.

QARG Publications
Whitcome, K.K., Functional implications of variation in lumbar vertebral count among hominins. Journal of Human Evolution 62:486-497.

Whitcome K.K., Shapiro LJ, Lieberman, DE. Fetal load and the evolution of lumbar lordosis in bipedal hominins. Nature 450:1075-1078.