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Kenneth Petren

Kenneth Petren
Petren's Research
Department of Biological Sciences
Associate Professor
Landscape Genetics and Evolution

Dr. Petren is an evolutionary ecologist who studies recent events at the interface of ecological and evolutionary time. His research includes reconstructing recent evolutionary change, quantifying habitat connectivity, genetic monitoring and responses of natural populations to anthropogenic disturbance in fragmented landscapes. Newly developed genetic approaches are shedding light on recent events, which is critical for projecting the impact of future anthropogenic change. These approaches make it feasible to monitor population growth, reconstruct movements among habitat fragments, and measure rapid evolutionary responses to recent climate changes at the landscape scale. Recent projects include analysis of ‘ancient’ DNA from historical museum specimens to reconstruct recent evolutionary changes in Galápagos finches, and revealing the potential for rapid evolution of invasive species as they spread across fragmented human landscapes.

QARG Publications
Farrington, H.L. and Petren, K. In press. A Century of Genetic Change and Metapopulation Dynamics in the Galápagos Warbler Finches (Certhidea). Evolution, in press.

Parker, P., Buckles, E. L., Farrington, H., Petren, K., Whiteman, N., Ricklefs, R., Bollmer, J. L. And Jiménez-Uzcátegui, G. 2011. 110 Years of Avipoxvirus on the Galápagos Islands. PLoS ONE: 6(1): e15989. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0015989.

Petren, K., Grant, P. R., Grant, B. R., Clack, A. A. and Lescano, N. V. 2010. Multilocus genotypes from Charles Darwin's finches: Biodiversity lost since the voyage of the Beagle. Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. B. 365: 1009-1018.