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Stephen Matter

Stephen Matter
Matter's Research
Department of Biological Sciences
Assistant Professor
Spatial Ecology

Dr. Matter uses a combination of observational, experimental, and modeling approaches to understand how spatially distinct populations and communities interact. Using data amassed from his long–term study site in the front ranges of the Rocky Mountains of Alberta he is addressing how populations respond to anthropogenically induced forest encroachment into alpine regions and how the extinction and recolonization of local populations affects the persistence of spatial population networks.

QARG Publications
Matter, S.F. & J. Roland. 2010. Local extinction synchronizes population dynamics in spatial networks. Proceedings of the Royal Society Series B. 277:729-737.

Roland, J. & S.F. Matter. 2007. Encroaching forests decouple alpine butterfly population dynamics. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104:13702-13704.

Keyghobadi, N., J. Roland, S.F. Matter & C. Strobeck. 2005. Among– and within–patch components of genetic diversity respond at different rates to habitat fragmentation: an empirical demonstration. Proceedings of the Royal Society London B 272:553-560.