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Visitors and Vendors Daily/Cash Parking

Welcome to the University of Cincinnati!

Parking for visitors and vendors is available in all garages on the Medical and West Campuses. Rates are based on the length of stay. Surface parking lots are for permit parking only.  

Visitors will need to take their ticket with them in order to utilize the Pay Stations located in each garage.  See below for specific locations.  The Pay Stations will accept cash payments of $1, $5, $10 and $20, as well as credit cards, bearcat cards, and department vouchers.

West Campus visitor parking facilities:

  • Calhoun Garage 230 Calhoun St. Pay-on-foot at Pay Station located on P1 near Elevator #4.
  • Clifton Court Garage 321 Clifton Crt. Pay-on-foot at Pay Station located near Clifton Court Plaza.
  • Corry Garage 51 W. Corry Blvd., off Jefferson Ave. and Corry Blvd. Pay-on-foot at Pay Station located in Edwards 2 Lobby.
  • Woodside Garage 2913 Woodside Dr.- Pay-on-foot at Pay Station located on Level 1 by the library elevator.
  • Campus Green Garage 2935 Campus Green Dr. Pay-on-foot at Pay Station located on Level 3 near elevator.
  • University Ave Garage 40 W. University Ave. Pay-on-foot at Pay Station located on Level 1 near elevator.
  • CCM Garage 270 CCM Blvd. Pay-on-foot at Pay Station located in lobby near garage entrance.
  • Varsity Village Garage 200 Varsity Village Dr. Pay-on-foot at Pay Station located near elevator.

Medical Campus visitor parking facilities:

  • Eden Avenue Garage 3223 Eden Ave. Pay-on-foot at Pay Station located on Level 5 near bridge to Medical Sciences Building.
  • Kingsgate Garage 151 Goodman Dr. Pay-in-lane
  • Lot 16 200 Louis Ave.
  • Lot 22 3119 Highland Ave. near Martin Luther King Dr.

Printable Campus Parking Maps

* West Campus parking (368.3 KB)

Guest/Event Parking

Guests must use pay garages. Individuals, departments or sponsoring groups may arrange to pay for parking by completing a Request for Special Parking Form online. This form should also be completed to alert Parking Services of large programs/events for which individuals are to pay for parking. Requests for special parking must be submitted five or more business days in advance of the date the event is desired. It is the responsibility of faculty, staff and students to make parking regulations known to their invited guests or visitors. Guests are subject to parking regulations.

Stall Designation

Parking is permitted only in marked stalls.

White stall: White stalls indicate parking permitted with a proper access card, permit, key card or in garages/lots with event or spitter tickets, unless temporarily designated otherwise.

Red stall: Red stalls designate reserved parking.

Yellow curb: Yellow curbs or lines designate firelanes. Firelanes are tow away zones and must be kept clear at all times.

Blue stall: Blue stalls designate reserved and non-reserved handicap parking with a proper permit or keycard and a valid state handicap placard.