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Key Cards (Hang Tags)

Key cards (hang tags) are issued with or without a permit card and are valid in a designated facility. Both cards are property of the University of Cincinnati and must be returned to Parking Services upon termination or expiration. When the permit card and key card expire, they must be returned to Parking Services’ office. All cards returned must be in proper condition. Damaged cards may result in a charge. A late fee and usage charge will be assessed.

Display of Permits

The permit shall be fully displayed on the driver's side of the windshield or dashboard. A key card hang tag must be placed on the rear view mirror with the facility name facing outward. A no-charge temporary permit must be obtained from Parking Services if the parking permit is not available in the case of changing from one vehicle to another. Motor cycle permits should be displayed on the rider's right front fork.

Lost or Stolen Permits

Lost or stolen permits must be reported immediately to Parking Services. The owner of the permit must complete a lost/stolen form here or at the Parking Office. A fee of $50 will be assessed for replacing the lost permit. The replacement fee will be refunded if the lost/stolen permit is found and returned to the Parking Office within 30 days of filing the lost/stolen form. Lost or stolen permits are added to the list of revoked parking privileges and further use may result in impoundment of the vehicle. Individuals cited for use or display of a revoked, lost or stolen permit will be assessed full charges for use from the date that the report was filed with the Parking Office.