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Academic Internship Program

Welcome Employers!

Employers from all over the world have realized the value of hiring an intern. Not only are interns an excellent human resource that contribute to your organizational goals, but by working with and mentoring them you receive the opportunity to shape the future of both your organization and field.

Some benefits of participating in an internship program:

  • Hiring interns is a cost effective way to meet both immediate and long term human resource needs.
  • The opportunity to have a profound and significant impact on the professional lives and futures of interns you employ.
  • Interns can perform well on professional level assignments, freeing career employees to take on more advanced responsibilities.
  • A great way to help shape the future of your organization and your field by identifying and evaluating potential career employees. 
  • Fosters an ongoing, productive relationship between the academic and professional communities.

Why Should You Hire an AIP Intern?

  • Students complete our professional development course prior to interning. This provides them with training and insights in professional etiquette and work ethic, and instills within them  a fostered perspective of the value of an internship. Through this course, students develop skills in organizational leadership and professional excellence that will carry over to your workplace as interns. 
  • UC is the founder of the world's first cooperative education program and has an esteemed emphasis on experiential learning and student career development.
  • In opening its doors to students of all majors and programs not required to co-op, the Academic Internship Program offers an eclectic pool of students with varying majors, backgrounds and skill sets.
  • Many UC students reside in the surrounding Cincinnati area, providing the possibility of developing interns into future full-time employees that will make a withstanding impact on your company.

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