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The Singapore Experience

Program Description

The Singapore Experience is an international experiential learning opportunity open to all undergraduate students at the University of Cincinnati through the Divisional of Professional Practice and Experiential Learning. Students participating in the experience will earn academic credit for their full time, semester long, academic internship or co-op.  All internships and co-op experiences are unpaid.

The Division of Professional Practice and Experiential Learning (ProPEL) works collaboratively with the Academic Internship Council (AIC) and the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) to offer students participating in The Singapore Experience full time professional work experience, personalized job placement, furnished housing, professional development, networking opportunities, cultural enrichment, recreational activities and 24 hour emergency support.


Students participating in The Singapore Experience will be:

  • Able to work with employers across a broad range of fields—from marketing, journalism, and the arts to politics, healthcare, and education.
  • Placed with great care and considerable effort to align with their career and academic goals.
  • Participate in academic course work that complements and add value to their work experience, and chosen field of study.
  • Provided with professional development opportunities, including informational interviews, skills-based workshops, and professional networking activities as well as cross-cultural coaching to help ease their integration into the city and local workforce, as well as their internship.

Internship / Coop Program Dates

2015 Fall Semester Experience:       September 20, 2015 – December 18, 2015

(13 Week Internship / Coop Program)


2016 Spring Semester Experience:             January 17, 2016 – April 16, 2016

(13 Week Internship / Coop Program)


2016 Summer Semester Experience:           June 5, 2016 – August 13, 2016

(10 Week Internship / Coop Program)


2016 Fall Semester Experience:       September 20, 2015 – December 18, 2015

(13 Week Internship / Coop Program)

                                          *Exact dates to be confirmed*              


Application – Dates & Deadlines

2016 Spring Semester Experience:            May 11, 2015 – July 1, 2015

Late Application Period:                                (August 24 – Sept 20, 2015)


2016 Summer Semester Experience:       August 24, 2015 – December 1, 2015

Late Application Period:                             (Jan. 11th Jan. 31, 2016)


2016 Fall Semester Experience:               January 11. 2016 – April 1, 2016

Late Application Period:                             (May 9th May 15, 2016)

Program Application Link:
     The Singapore Experience Program Application

Grant Application – Online Proposal Deadlines

           2016 Spring Semester Experience:             November 15, 2015

           2016 Summer Semester Experience:          March 15, 2015                 

           2016 Fall Semester Experience:                  June 15, 2015 

Grant Application Link:
    UC International and Freeman Foundation Grant Application

Informational Sessions

Information sessions for The Singapore Experience are facilitated every term. During these informational sessions, students interested in the experience are provided detailed information on the following topics associated with the program:

·         Program requirements & timeline

·         Program cost & funding opportunities

·         Application process & deadlines

·         AIC Services & requirements

·         UC International Programs requirements & timeline

·         Student testimonial: cultural & work experiences

·         Questions & Answers Segment


Internship / Coop Term




2016 Spring & Summer Experience

September 10, 2015


Swift 819

2016 Spring & Summer Experience

September 15, 2015


REC Center 3220

2016 Summer Experience

November 10, 2015



2016 Summer Experience

November 18, 2015



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