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The Singapore Experience


A crossroads of international trade for centuries, Singapore is the dynamic gateway to Asia and one of the world’s most globalized cities. This island city-state hosts the Asian headquarters of many multinational corporations across a range of industry sectors, making it an exceptionally diverse business community. Singapore’s rapidly growing economy embraces everything from finance and pharmaceuticals to technology and tourism. 

Singapore combines an ultra-modern skyline with the rich cultures of its past. The city’s excellent public transportation system makes it easy to explore Singapore’s exciting blend of cultures and cuisines. With all that it has to offer, Singapore is an ideal venue for a challenging and rewarding internship program.

Through this program you will be:

  • Able to work with employers across a broad range of fields—from marketing, journalism, and the arts to politics, healthcare, and education.
  • Placed with great care and considerable effort to align with your career and academic goals.
  • Participating in academic components that complement and add value to your work experiences, within your field of study.
  • Supplied with housing offering security and the convenience of central locations close to public transportation in furnished residence hall-style facilities, with kitchen facilities, access to laundry, and Internet connectivity.
  • Provided with professional development opportunities, including informational interviews, skills-based workshops, and professional networking activities as well as cross-cultural coaching to help ease your integration into the city and local workforce, as well as with your internship cohort.
  • Local support and guidance to help you make the most of your internship opportunities. Local Program Teams assist students and provide 24-hour emergency support.

Industry Sectors

Students interning in Singapore are placed with companies ranging from innovative start-ups to global organizations representing a spectrum of industry sectors:

  • Business – Trade, Consulting, Insurance, and Retail.
  • Science – Biomedical, Electronics, and Technology.
  • Finance – Accounting, Financial Services, Investment, and Auditing.
  • Communications – Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations.
  • Hospitality & Travel – Airlines, Hotels, Tourist Sites, and Travel Agencies.
  • Politics & Law – Legal Departments, Law Firms, Trade Associations, and Think Tanks.

Requirements for Students Earning International Co-op Experience (work, research, travel, or EEP)

►It is critical that all students who will be working internationally complete university requirements per International Programs before they leave the country. 

►Every student that travels abroad with the University of Cincinnati or for UC credit (including co-op/intern placement) IS REQUIRED to attend a mandatory pre-departure session. These sessions are designed to make sure you are prepared for your experience abroad. You can read more about these sessions and register for one at the below link:


►UC International Programs now offers comprehensive international health and evacuation insurance through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) for a very low rate. Please look into your international health insurance coverage. It is mandatory that students enroll in the comprehensive coverage the University has secured on your behalf. To purchase this international insurance plan, please use the following link to self-enroll and pay directly with a credit card:


►Please use Sponsor Code CIN when enrolling. You do not need to fill in the categories marked Destination City Name, Sponsor Program Name, Sponsor Participation ID or Phone Number. 

►UC International Programs also would like to collect a copy of your passport. Please scan or take a photo of your passport and email it to global@uc.edu prior to departure. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these requirements, please contact global@uc.edu or visit www.uc.edu/international


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