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Division of Professional Practice

Getting Started

Posting a Position:

Partnering with the UC Co-op Program is simple. Please go to www.uc.edu/PAL to create an account and post a position.  This will only take a few minutes of your time.

We have created helpful videos to assist you with PAL 2.0.  These videos can be found at http://www.youtube.com/UCCoopPALEmployer

If you have technical questions or issues please contact palhelp@uc.edu.

What to Expect:

Once your position has been approved by a co-op faculty advisor, position information will be made available to students in the majors you’ve selected.  Students will then have the opportunity to indicate interest in your position and you will be notified when resumes/portfolios for interested students have been posted for your review.  You can then log in to PAL 2.0 to view resumes/portfolios (you can also print and save these as PDF).

Choosing Candidates and Interviewing:

After reviewing resumes/portfolios please select the students you would like to interview.  You can contact the students directly to schedule interviews to take place at your facility or over the phone/web.  If you would like to come to campus to interview, please contact Patti Carroll by phone, 513-556-3061 or email, Patti.Carroll@uc.edu and she will set this up for you.

Making an Offer:

When you have finished interviewing candidates, you can make an offer directly to the student you wish to hire. Please also notify the co-op faculty advisor of your selection and whether or not they have accepted the position.

Who is my Co-op Faculty Advisor?

Each co-op faculty advisor is responsible for several different majors. To determine who your Professional Practice faculty advisor is you will first have to determine what major(s) you are interested in hiring. After you have determined the major(s), please visit our Contact Us page.  C-op faculty advisors can be contacted directly via email or phone.